✌ Victory! ✌


Carlisle United have scored a goal!

Their first since mid February.


Whenever you want! but officially after May 10th!


Absolutely! [quote=“M_M, post:1143, topic:71196”]
“Mindysan33 The Historian, Slayer of Untruths”


[ETA] Okay, go look at my profile NOW! (and thanks!)


Traditional Gaelic storyteller historian. Keeper of old lore.


Yeah… I’m currently reading a (really old fashioned and dated) book on the Irish of Ireland, and liked the word very much.


I like to be a trendsetter, so I’m going to start immediately. :wink:

I wonder if you wanted to, could the powers that change your user name registration to DrMindysan33?

Do it! Do it! Do it! :laughing:

(Seriously, you deserve it after all of your hard work.)


Full time and Carlisle are back in the play off places.


A small personal victory.

I made my first Aeropress coffee in a year. Things that are going on in my might finally be settling down to a manageable amount of stress.


Should we call you “Doctor” or “Lady-Doctor” ?


Should that not have been a evil question in the appropriate thread?


One of the civility threads?


I do not dare to answer that.





She’s a historian, not a gynecologist.


A history of gynecology would be interesting, from a gender studies perspective. Probably quite disturbing too, going by what hysteria used to mean.

If it’s just about looking at vaginas, then it wouldn’t be interesting.


Sears used to sell vibrators to treat hysteria.

The history only gets weirder from there on out.


My grandmother gave me a “pocket massager” for Christmas once. All her gifts were always purchased at the thrift shop she volunteered at. So … yeah I got a second hand vibrator for Christmas. From my grandmother.


I have no words.

Just the letters W, T, and F.


I had an aunt who used to volunteer at a thrift shop specifically so she could get first dibs on good stuff. But she gave birthday gifts like barely-worn cashmere sweaters.

Did your grandmother ever figure out what she’d given you?