✌ Victory! ✌


I don’t think so. I knew and my parents knew – younger sisters did not. I wish I still had it. I mean, not for that reason.



At this rate, your list of Mighty Achievements is going to need a much bigger user page. We should get Coding Horror working on that now.


Just Mindysan? :wink:


Oh! Mindysempai33?


Such a victory today.

I’ve mentioned before that I am starting up a business. There’s been a lot of victories big and small with it this week, but the biggest is that I made my very first sale. It is huge. It is just a total feeling of joy to have that little sum of money on the screen telling me I am on the right path.

One of the things I am selling is online courses. I chose to create two courses of my own. One is a beginner type course, the other for teachers or wannabe teachers.

I spoke with a lot of potential customers and they gave me a list of their needs. The biggest things I heard were:

  • I want a community of people like me to be friends with
  • I want mentorship
  • I want to do this super specific thing: work with elderly people one on one, teach corporate yoga classes, use yoga to heal cancer

I kept trying to figure out how to give them all these things in this one course, especially with some people with strong backgrounds and others with barely any.

And today, I nailed it. It’s just the perfect thing. I spoke with three people after - one of the students, a friend, and some who has been supporting me in my facebook community that has a strong background in yoga

What I’m giving them is a 3 month course that gives them the courage, the tools, the motivation, the support, and the resources to do the thing that is in their hearts to do. This is how you listen in meditation. This how you take notes. This is how you practice to connect to your unconscious - step by step. This is how you are supported to start your business up and why you need to do it.

Then, I work with them one on one to help them start to explore their dream idea, and map out their own plan for themselves. I will connect them to teachers who can help them and help decide which classes they need to take and which they can ignore.

Then lifetime access to me in the forums, additional fee to do one on one calls.

I am so so so in love with it and happy to have figured this out.


(Kidding, of course. John Waters would giddily treasure this little anecdote.)


The Honorable MsLadyDrMindysempai<3, Esq., Ender Of Worlds.


is it longer than an hour-hand vibrator?


It’s the longest but thinnest hand.

Some people prefer the hour hand, for reasons.


We made it through Kim Il Sung’s birthday without anyone nuking anyone!

Now it’s my birthday and destruction is mutually assured!


The birthday present I received last night from Mrs. Cynical:

Today is also the second day of the Singapore Sevens rugby tournament. Overpriced stadium snacks, bad chicken burgers and tiny, expensive lagers in plastic cups, ahoy!


Happy birthday! I’ll go drink one in your honor right now.


Thank you! But why stop at one? This is mutually assured destruction, remember.



As of tonight, I will now be the leader on the weekly likes board. But more importantly than that, I got a call - I will have a panel interview(!) at a local pharmacy for a cashier (!!!) position.

On tuesday, of course.


Will there be enough for everyone?


Depends on the efficiency of the centrifuges, range and payload but I’m sure there’s enough to go round…


I went shopping for birthday things for myself: a book the Mysterious Bookshop had listed as a forgotten mystery masterpiece (Night of the Jabberwock) I nabbed for $7.50, an Edward Gorey card for $1.50, saw my friend on the bus, another book I wanted, one I took out from the library but now has lots of holds on it, I got for $8.00.

I saved myself a bus ride downtown, avoiding traffic delays and reroutes.


G :heart_eyes:


I passed all my courses and now I am on my way to Masters town!!! Graduating next weekend!!


Very nice! Congrats!