✌ Victory! ✌


Hooray and congratulations, ChickieD!


Awesome, that’s great news. :mountain: :medal: :airplane_departure: :dollar:


Mountain medal takeoff money?


Congrats! How exciting!

All I have left to do is upload my dissertation!


That must be so exciting! It will all be over, except for the recurring dreams that you’ve never finished :scream:

Congrats to you too!




And another victory - just got back from my dr.'s office and my pre-diabetes is no longer a thing!!! Big health goal achieved. Super excited. All with diet.


That’s fantastic, Dr @Mindysan33!


There’s a lobby for her to officially change to name to DrMIndysan33


DrMindySensei, surely?




The promotion dream is still alive!


Well, we can address her as MindySama, although it would be rude for her to label herself so.

Huh, discourse isn’t common markdown compliant. How odd!


Strictly speaking, it’s also rude to call oneself “san”. It’s an honorific for other people, not for oneself. Given that she’s a doctor, “sensei” is probably most appropriate.



Yeah, in those cases, I generally revert to html.

e.g. Mindy<i>sama</i> -> Mindysama


Put in an application for a tenure track position at a local community college. Not that I’m expecting much, but it’s something. Plan on putting another in for a limited term position in the next couple of days.


Well, I guess I’ll just have to change my handle then, eh! :wink:




I wasn’t sure where to put this - it’s equal parts fuck today and victory. At some point when I’m feeling maudlin I’ll post the other half of this

My grandfather died last week. He survived the great depression and fighting in world war 2. He is survived by children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He was the rock on which so much of our lives were built - he was supportive emotionally and financially and practically. He spent the majority of his life with my grandmother - my wife described them as one of the “great loves”. He made it into his 90s, and was in reasonably good health for most of that. Even in his last years, he was volunteering and helping other people. Death sucks, but it’s hard to imagine a better life.

My childhood summers were mostly spent in the pool that was in my grandparents’ back yard. My mother liked to tell the story of the time when I, and the age of maybe 2 or 3 years old fell into the pool and my grandfather dived in, slippers and all, to fish me out. When my mom converted from Catholicism to be a Jehovah’s Witness, he still made sure we got presents even though we couldn’t receive them on the usual holidays.

He was born in Quebec, the province that I’ve now moved to, but his family left when he was so young that he didn’t remember any french. He found it funny to mangle french and say things like “silver plates”.

He was always there for the people who needed him, and now he’s gone and I miss him. He was the best.


With the help of the Old Guard Regulars, I have landed a job. First shift in 72 hours. Woohoo!

(I was a bit weird in the interview but nailed the roleplay section. And I didn’t have to bend the truth.)