✌ Victory! ✌


Yay! [insert Kermit flail gif here]


Indeed. Yay. :slight_smile:


On Friday, I went to the jumble sale at lunch, and I spotted an early Pogo Possum book amongst the jetsam. I asked the seller how much for books, and he said “$1 each!” (which, curiously enough, is the original price marked on the cover of 1950s Pogo books, but I digress).
So I looked again and counted 1-2-3-4-5-SIX pogo books, for which I paid five dollars US.
They are all first editions with unbroken spines, on eBay they are worth $55. But I’m not selling!

MUCH more importantly, on Saturday my youngest child graduated High School with multiple honors despite a record-setting case of senioritis! And since she turned 18 last month, I am (mostly) no longer legally responsible for the actions of any other person!


I made sure my kids knew that, and bizarrely, that actually made a positive difference! “You could walk out the door and never look back, or I coulfd change the locks and never let you in again. From now on, if we spend time together it is because we choose to do so.” Talk about a wake up call!


Sounds like my parents.

I’m not sure what kind of difference it made. There were positive parts and negative parts, but it was definitely a difference.


The difference was, it brought into sharp focus that they were now responsible as equal partners in the family constellation. They couldn’t just behave like jerks and still expect me to act like Shel Silverstein’s Giving Tree (god, I hate that book!). And conversely, if they didn’t want to come home, they didn’t have to. Coming home meant they valued being an integral part of the family and would act accordingly. And yes, it worked!


I don’t think that really sank in as an option for any of us. The options were basically, stay here and be infantilized or go away and don’t come back.

So it’s not just me that The Giving Tree was the most passive-aggressive tree ever in existence. Good, chop that motherfucker down. I don’t want to listen to it piss and moan anymore.

Otherwise, yes, I’ve noticed you have a tendency to be very giving and selfless. It’s usually a good thing until it isn’t, IME.

As far as behaving like a jerk, I strongly suspect I might be the worst houseguest ever. I’m never sure where the boundaries are, or what’s expected of me.


The thing to do is ask. Right up front, say: I’m really bad at reading non-verbal cues, so please tell me in plain English what I can do and what I shouldn’t do while I’m here". And then check in a couple times a day. “Is it OK if I do this?”, “I was thinking of X, would that be OK?”, “remember, I’m really bad at reading people, so am I doing OK so far?”. That sort of thing.

As long as you are communicating, issues that might come up can be dealt with quickly enough that they don’t build to explosive levels.


Utterly, utterly hate that book. If I was the tree I would have called for some Ents to take that little sociopath out.


Got an offer from my alma mater offering me a VL position for the fall!

But I also put in 2 job applications for lecturing positions at 2 other institutions this morning.


Out of hospital again. After the DVT and the stent put in my abdomen (I now know a lot about May-Thurner Syndrome), the stent had be dilated. I now have brand new hole in my groin, but I’m home and my cat missed me.


Wishes for a speedy recovery; it’s always good to be home.

Also, what a cute tabby!


She is such a pretty cat.


She’s got that rare swirly pattern; I have a silver tabby myself, but he’s got the more traditional stripes.


Glad you’re home. Hope the recovery goes more smoothly this time. And I’m sure Mr XantheStone and the kid missed you very much too!


They did, but the last time, in early June, when I was in for a whole week they missed me more.


They say (they? I know) that the frequency of a cat’s purr promotes healing. Perhaps it is unfounded baloney, but there isn’t really a down side to having a purring cat on your lap. I hope you heal quickly, and are free of pain. Also, your kitty is wonderful.


Youngest child is safely installed in college, and doing well in pre-season athletic training.


Duh, it totally slipped my mind;

I flew on an airline a couple weeks ago; I was not mistreated or assaulted, and none of our belongings got lost or damaged.

That’s a fuckin’ WIN, these days.


As I pulled out of my drive way, the power company was on our street fixing our power lines! It felt like Christmas came early! This being out of power stuff is for the birds!