✌ Victory! ✌


364 days without a home win! I’m not a Sunderland fan (my loyalties lean towards Tyneside in that part of England) but no team should have a record like that.

I still hope they get relegated though. If Carlisle get promoted too that’s going to be one hell of a derby game. We might even get a capacity crowd at Brunton Park.


It is my Christmas gift from myself. I decided to buy a Toyota RAV4 2006 for sale (https://carfromjapan.com/cheap-used-toyota-rav4-for-sale-year2006 ) from a Japanese platform. I had to save money within 6 months, it is really hard as I thought, but I am very excited and happy for it, this car is the first car in my life. It will be very useful and cool to travel some near places in France. I know my picture is not beautiful enough, but it is my first so I still want to share with everyone.
I took the picture from my smartphone.


A semi-victory


At least we’re still in the 4th round draw on Monday, and should make a decent amount of money from the ticket sales.

The big victory was in Coventry.

29 years after being the giants who were knocked out by Sutton United, they become the giant-killers. I think Mark Hughes has just lost his job at Stoke City.

ETA: Now confirmed.


Just renewed the tags on our trailer. Dam Colorado!!! You just keep sucking the financial life right out of me…I do love these mountains though. The next thing will be waxing the RV with my kid after his mother bought us a RV wax from Amazon after reading this (https://outdoorfact.com/best-rv-wax-for-fiberglass-review/). LOL. Still believe in her.


Today I scored a solo hit in a death pool, and catapulted from a 39-way tie for last place to 18th in only four days!

Better yet, I’m doing this in alphabetical order. Watch out, Roger Angell!


My daughter discovered her birth family on the Internet, and has met several including her biological mother. So far it is all going very well :crossed_fingers:


The state in which some BBS registered users reside (like me!) was the first to have its governor sign legislation to regulate internet access for its residents. The bill to protect net neutrality cleared the Washington State senate on a 35-to-14 vote in February, with bipartisan support. It had already blown through the house of representatives by 93-to-5. The law goes into effect in June 2018.

Oregon’s passed its own net neutrality law a few days ago and the bill is awaiting Governor Kate Brown’s signature.


CA can’t be far behind.


I just saw @jerwin’s post of an Asterix panel in the coffee-warning-label thread, and thought of you, @jsroberts . I wonder, did that plan for your dissertation pan out? It sounded pretty cool.


I did, and I graduated in December. Unfortunately my concentration was terrible and the topic had a lot more potential than I was able to fulfil. On the one hand I’ve been able to make a number of points that other academics missed, and correct a number of misconceptions (such as that comics started in the late 19th century), but on the other I’m frustrated enough about the lack of cohesion and other issues that I haven’t even read the feedback. I think it’s actually a more interesting topic than I’d first thought though, so you’re welcome to check it out:

02a History of comics.pdf (1.3 MB)
02b History of comics.pdf (2.4 MB)
03 Translating comics.pdf (622.9 KB)
04 Analysis of alterations in Asterix series.pdf (2.6 MB)

One of the things I explored was the idea of comics as a form of intercultural and inter-class communication with a very long history – military, political and religious leaders communicating with conquered peoples or illiterate commoners, then commoners (e.g. manuscript illustrators) speaking back to power with satirical images, then Leonardo da Vinci’s grotesque portraits/caricatures and their use by the Vatican and the reformers in printed propaganda, then the different countries responding differently to satire of political figures during the 18th and early 19th century, which is when the first comic strips came out.
Unlike some other genres, comics seem to have a much more political voice and speak to their culture rather than just reflecting it. Asterix has an interesting mix of influences from different European countries, Jewish culture, the US (including superhero comics) and other areas, and is also influenced by the cultures of the languages it’s translated into. Both Tintin and Asterix were sometimes edited in response to the advice of translators and editors in other countries, and later books show that the conversation between the translator and writer goes in both directions. I think the humour owes a lot to Bell and Hockridge – while Tintin and Asterix had wordplays, Anthea Bell’s experience as the daughter of a Times crossword editor allows er to make more sophisticated puns and the original French seems to improve in that area later on.

One thing I never mentioned in my ‘family tree’ of comics is the art that was coming out in early 19th century Japan. Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s art is particularly interesting and dynamic:


Cool, and CONGRATULATIONS! Glad you made it through :smiley: Glad you are still around here, thanks for the nice long response. I’ll check out your pdfs. Again, congratulations!


Looks interesting! congratulations!

Remind me what your field is? Is it history or lit studies?


Not sure if it belongs here or not but I finally had a full neuropsych assessment. It was a fascinating and exhausting process and it confirmed the diagnosis of ADHD and explained why it didn’t get get found until I was in my 30s.


I finally got around to seeing The Last Jedi yesterday afternoon. When the credits started rolling, I realized that I’d watched it completely unspoiled*, despite my past three months of daily internet browsing, including Reddit and Imgur.

*Unless you count a bare-chested Adam Driver as a spoiler.


Hey! Congrats and welcome back!


It’s in translation - I was looking at the idea of fidelity and how Bell and Hockridge could be considered to have made an accurate translation when so much is changed from the French. Since comics are an unusual genre with lots of images and an interesting relationship with their culture and reality in general, I thought that this made the question of fidelity more interesting.

It’s basically a demonstration of the mind on ADHD - who else starts a dissertation on the translation of Asterix by discussing ancient Greek pottery? Too many rabbit holes.


But it’s all interesting! The part about recycled woodcuts made me think about today’s internet memes, where the same image is used over and over, but with varying text over it.





Oh, on a completely unrelated point - my son went on a walk with us all around the block today. He’s been having a lot of lung problems over the last month or two and he spent a week in hospital a couple of weeks ago. I’ve mostly had to carry him around because he was too weak to walk, but today he didn’t need any help and he hasn’t suffered from the extra exercise. All being well, he should be back to school in a week.

Also, thank you for your kind words. I’ve missed you, but I’m probably not coming back. The forum style isn’t good for my concentration, family life or sleep routine, particularly with the time difference, and while I’m not completely gone, I’ve had to cut back a lot online to prioritise those things. I’ve also had mental health issues in recent years that were exacerbated by taking everything too seriously, and it doesn’t help anyone if I don’t step back and work on myself in a less public environment.


Good to hear the kiddo is getting healthy!

Congrats on the dissertation again and good luck in the future!