✌ Victory! ✌





And it only took them 97 years and a phoenix club to get promoted.

It’s bad news for dairy farms though.


Bayern didn’t win the cup last night.


Really jealous about the Pogo Possum books. I grew up reading my dad’s copies to pieces, and would love to get my own, but can’t find them at a reasonable price. I suppose I’ll eventually settle for the omnibus reissue of the newspaper strips, but the story flow there is subtly different than I remember and it sort of puts me off.


This is a combination of Fuck Today and Victory! My son, a sophomore in high school, has been struggling in AP Bio all year but really he talks about that class more than any other. His teacher is disaffected and not much help. I have paid for pricey tutor. When it came time for the AP exam, he forgot what time it was offered and missed it. Leaving us out $94 but also a huge let down emotionally, not to mention frustration with his inattention. We appealed to the school for a re-take since they did nothing to advertise the time of the exam. They said no. Then yesterday, inexplicably, they said he could retake it. I have no idea what went on behind the scenes, but at least he gets a chance!


I’m sure he’ll pass with flying colors! Good luck to him!


I have the omnibuses and you’re absolutely right, the books are different.

As I recall, the interesting thing is that Kelly had to draw the Sundays so that they could be published in multiple different ways, including with the center panel removed. So he made jokes that worked different ways depending on which paper they appeared in, with varying levels of success.

On the other claw, the books didn’t necessarily have to conform to any newspaper limitations (and did not include the bowlderized “bunny strips”) so Kelly got more creative liberty with the same source material, and you can definitely tell.

The omnibuses are really good quality, though, while the old books are pretty brittle at this point…


Sometimes the final score isn’t important in sports.


Hi everyone. It is my first comment :grinning:


Welcome to the bbs!


Heh, if you are an introvert like me, it is indeed a Victory to make an account and comment. Welcome!


Ditto. I lurked for a long while before making an account. The bbs commentariat can be somewhat intimidating.




Finished all my grad school applications, received an automated notice from one school that I might be eligible for certain kinds of funding based on my application, putting the finishing touches on my latest project, sent in revisions to the journal for our team to get our paper published, had my last day of work for this year, am leaving for sunny Miami on Wednesday, and my girlfriend brought me gummy bears.

I’m poor as shit after paying all those app fees, but I’m so fucking happy I’m done.



Faith in humanity; temporarily restored.


So, I’ve been rejected by 3/5 grad programs, but I got a message from someone who has been my strong faculty advocate for one of the programs and has been pulling strings for me. I should be getting an offer soon. Possibly tomorrow. (They’re not supposed to be telling me that, but wevs… I’m not going to sue if it falls through for whatever reason, or pretend that it was formal offer.)

I’ve been in a deep blue funk since the year started and I’m struggling to take the win. I feel like without my letters of rec and someone pulling strings for me, I wouldn’t get in anywhere. I mean, this person isn’t someone that owes me anything, and if they want me then it’s presumably because of something relating to my abilities in chemistry. On the other hand I’m struggling to feel happy about it, because I feel like I didn’t earn it somehow. Like I gamed the system to get in. Which I should realize is absurd, the more I learn about grad admissions, the more arbitrary I realize it can be. But somehow the rejections mean more to me than an admission.

But it’s still a victory, no matter how you slice it. Maybe it will hit me when I get a real letter.


You did. I doubt your prof would support you and pull strings for you otherwise. That’s just the way this game is play, unfortunately. It’s much less about what you know and much more about who you know.


I feel ya on that, my friend. I feel like I’ve alienated anyone who could help me a get a job, so I’ll never get a job… I’ve always had a problem with authority. As Laurie Anderson has recently said, “I hate being told what to do.” But at some point in academia, we have to playball to get where we want to go, to have that independence to do what we’d like.


Thanks for that. I know that intellectually, but emotionally I’ve always struggled to do basic shit like have some semblance of self-esteem. The bigger the accomplishment, the less proud I feel of it. I feel like unleashing a wicked semi-funny tweet in 30 seconds brings me more pride than acquiring a new skill over months of work.

I’m the exact opposite. Head down, do what I’m told, get along to go along, minimal complaints, etc. Managers love me. But my attitude is that I’m just trying to break through to freedom and independence to do and say the things I really want and mean. My greatest fear is that it will make me into the thing that I ultimately want to rebel against. It’s monumentally silly, but in many ways I like to imagine I’m a covert operative gathering intelligence behind enemy lines. My job is not to resist or to make enemies, but subtle sabotage and waiting until I can make it to safe harbor. I try to tell people like you it’s the way to go, but in typical people-like-you fashion, I get blown off. But I’ve grown to value that. It’s go to know someone is in little danger of “going native.”

Also cat hug gifs are a great rabbit hole to fall down.



Welcome to imposter syndrome city, population, all grad students and academics ever who aren’t white male and raised by academic parents… :wink:

In other words…


My strategy seems to be similar, but I just do it and feel angry or sneak away and don’t do it. It rarely manifests as outright acts of rebellion, more like foot dragging or self-sabotage…

Again, I totally get this feeling too. I keep waiting for that magical moment when all of a sudden I’ll be an adult and feel comfortable doing grown up things (like having a career, etc), but at 42 I still feel like I’m not there yet.

I don’t think it is, I think that is probably an accurate representation of how many of us who aren’t part of the elite class feel to some extent. We hope to overturn the order the feels so oppressive to us, for just that reason. There isn’t a moment where I don’t feel like a class traitor or a traitor to my people, and that I’m constantly surrounded by the enemy who all resent me being here and wish to see me fail. How much of that is reality and how much of that is in my head, I don’t know… but there it is.

Either way, you did good, kiddo! Keep up the good work, and try to do all you can to fix the system from the inside… We need more of us here in academia.