Video: California cops rough up black mom and grandma filming them—then get to work on the family's chained-up dogs

Originally published at: Video: California cops rough up black mom and grandma filming them—then get to work on the family's chained-up dogs | Boing Boing


Reason does great work coving cop misconduct, but it’s funny that the only mention of “black” is to describe the video feed after cops smash the camera.


The abuse of the dogs is the final confirmation about what these two cops are.

The FBI has identified cruelty to animals as a sign of psychopathy, a red flag indicating a high risk for committing acts of violence


Libertarians, being more evolved humans, don’t see race. /s

Radley Balko and others there have indeed done great work on issues like this and police militarisation. However, Reason’s mission is to instil fear of the bad ol’ state with young white people, per the wishes of the Kochs. If that audience is given the opportunity to think that the state’s domestic monopoly on violence is far more likely to land on a Black person than on themselves then the article has failed as far as the magazine’s sugar daddies are concerned.


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Is what will enrage people who otherwise wouldnt care…



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That’s libertarianism for ya…

Identity politics is the REAL problem here… /s

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Karens will howl in outrage… :roll_eyes:


I’ve denied it for a long time but I’m forced to conclude that ACAB.


Just to highlight the double standard about cops abusing animals…


I.e. it’s a sign that they’ll then be cruel to humans, too - but it sounds like these a-holes started off being cruel to humans, then turned their attention to the dogs, so they rather showed exactly what they are right off the bat.


The not so funny thing is that Cops, like Veterinarians, Human Drs, social workers, etc… are mandated reporters.

The “funny” thing is that I can theoretically lose my license to practice if I fail to report animal abuse (this, I am told exists because of the high correlation of animal abuse to child abuse)[not that animal abuse in and of itself should be a concern or anything]. And if I were to abuse animal or human, I could similarly lose my license, but these guys…

Worst case scenario for them, they lose their job in Hemet, and have to move a town over to be re-hired.

How about a licensing system where these a-holes can permanently lose their license to be a cop, regardless of location? Oh yeah, and I have to do 36 hours (minimum) of CE to renew my license every 2 years. Imagine if cops had to learn about civil rights or racial issues or etc… to be able to continue being a cop?


Even if they pass muster, the problem still exists: Being a cop.


I was just thinking about the total lack of accountability by police departments, on every level. Police unions have been extremely successful at blocking personal accountability. Institutional accountability never happens either. Oakland CA set things up where the department would be responsible for its own settlements - and then never enforced it. Ironically it was because the police department was involved in such a massive scandal that the scale of the corruption and the subsequent payouts would have severely impacted their budget. The city dared not allow the police to, well, defund themselves, having completely bought into the entirely disproven myth that cops reduce crime. The police department was saved from having to be accountable and fix their own messes precisely because they are too broken.

Accreditation and insurance seem like strategies that could get around that kind of institutional catch-22, if you could get around the police unions to enact them. It would be interesting to see what kind of impact it would have on “bad apples,” given the system is entirely built around retaining only bad apples…

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