Video compares size of movie monsters

I think the “what’s the creature’s proper name” controversy has been settled by now; see the expert in the video below.

The real issue has been obscured by this for far too long:
Those things on his neck? Electrodes, not smeggin’ “neckbolts”!

(Video cued to relevant bit.)

The doll from Trilogy of Terror!

That thing was, what? 8 inches?

People say “I’m going to get McDonald’s?”

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You really, really can’t put any of those other things next to a virus and have the scale be perceptible. The thing you are suggesting is a thing that would not work. A virus is something like a thousandth the size of an amoeba.

It’s pronounced Frankensteen


That single moment in film history lead to the longest laughing fit of my life.

I think I will show my kid this film this Halloween.

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Frankenstonian? Frankensteinien?


I’m guessing his choices had something to do with which 3d models were readily available for download.



So that’s what the Cloverfield monster looks like in full? The movie was so vague as to its appearance. As Spock would say, “Interesting”.

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Much like they did in the 1962 version—they’ll just make Kong bigger, I think.

Toho didn’t bother to explain it, but this time they set the groundwork for that in Skull Island. Kong was 4 times larger there, and John C Reilly’s character said he’s still growing. They set that film, what, 50 years ago? So I think Kong will be all grown up by 2020.

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