Video: Father's unlicensed ear piercing on son triggers bizarre police showdown in Arkansas

I think that a girl having newly pierced ears would not invite the same level of scrutiny from law enforcement or anyone else.

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Maybe. But I think if she told people her mom put her in a chokehold while drunk to do it… I could see how some people might still get concerned.


Oh, good catch. I think my brain saw “Ozark Mountains” and decided it said Oklahoma instead of Arkansas. And yeah, I don’t see how this doesn’t fall apart in court… There are lots of places that have ridiculous laws about hair and nail salons and tattoo parlors, but that’s for commercial businesses, not private, non-commercial activities, which this plainly is. I mean, they could try to call it child abuse, depending on other local laws, but there’s no legal cause whatsoever for the cops to show up at this guy’s house for “unlicensed body mods”.


what’s odd (eta: in my view) is that they arrested him for piercing an ear, and not say… child abuse.


Reading all the articles and the statement by the police that video was the second visit to the home after speaking to the prosecutor.

The first visit was because the school contacted the police after a teacher overheard the teenager talking about drunk dad and choke hold.

They first asked to speak to the teen, dad refused so they left and talked with the prosecutor about what to do.

Sounds like the charge was just a way to get the dad away from the kid to check out the story.

Should social workers have handled it? Maybe but it sounds like the dad might be hiding something and social workers probably wouldn’t have been allowed to talk to the teen either.

Like I said, could be the kid was telling stories or it could be he’s in danger.

What would the story be had the police not investigated and the kid was hurt or worse?

Some situations are really a no win situation for the authorities but, in my opinion, if a minor alleges abuse it needs to be investigated.

I know if the police came to my door and asked to speak to my daughter because of suspected abuse I would allow her to speak to them unless I was abusing her and then of course I wouldn’t allow it.

Time had passed between the first and second visit, plenty of time for dad to make it clear to the teen he better not tell them what really happened.

All speculation of course and I’m sure there will never be a follow up story


You want fascists, AR? You got fascists.

It does need to be investigated … by child services. That’s literally their job. They have the proper training and experience to handle those sorts of situations and they also have the force of law to back them up should a parent be uncooperative.


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