🎮 Game gifting and trading 🎮

Lets have somewhere where we can trade games with each other, or get rid of some of those spare Humble Bundle games that you have had for ages. Maybe you want to give the latest AAA game away to someone. It’s up to you.

I have two copies of Euro Truck Simulator 2 (No DLC) on Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux) to give to the first two PMs from anyone with a Member or Regular Badge.

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I’d like to trade SNES and NES carts.

Anyone else still have those?

hey cool next time I am tempted to say buy a 4 pack of multiplayer goodness that is cheap i got peeps to gift/trade with.

I have an NES cart of Life Force for trade.

This is a Space Shooter made by Konami and it is part of the Gradius series. The Konami code gets you 30 ships to throw at the bad guys.

(It was called “Salamander” on systems other than NES it was ported to.)

And two SNES carts for trade.

(Is there anyone else here who plays on 80s and 90s Nintendo hardware? It’s the best.)

I just learned today that “Lamborghini American Challenge” supports the SNES Mouse. You can blow up other cars on the road! (Just so happens I have an SNES Mouse, but it won’t go with this trade.)

A classic.

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