Video: Inside Jabba the Hutt


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JtH was always my least favorite character of them all, until JJB took the title. Seeing this makes me like him all the more, and now CGI Yoda is starting to nudge out JarJar for the lose.

Puppet Jabba or CGI Jabba? Because I’m totally on board with you if you’re dissing the latter.

(Sweet Jesus, Lucas. You’ve just established that Han is bargaining for his life with a merciless space gangster. Why would Han choose this moment to step on that gangster’s tail??)


Not as good as Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle


Good old Mike Edmonds. He was among my top 5 favorite Time Bandits.

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Pleasantly surprised… Was afraid that it was a clever title for a Limbaugh colonoscopy video.



Flagged as yucky, because I was hungry a moment ago and now I’m… well, not.

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