Video: Italians talk to their former selves about the coronavirus

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Not sure I want to watch the video, but it sure didn’t take long for my lifestyle to get turned upside down. I think the worst of it for me is, “Was that throat-clearing/sneeze/snork/cough a harbinger of doom?”

That question applies both to any others I might come across if/when I have to run an errand, and to myself as well.


the video is sobering and positive all at the same time. worth watching.


One guy in the video says: Now we’re at 18,000.
That video was uploaded 2 days ago.
Yesterday they are were at nearly 28,000.

I am in Austria.
10 days ago we had 79 cases.
Today we have 1332 cases, including several doctors and medical staff.
They started quarantining people who had contact with positive tested ones weeks ago, yet here we are.
Do not underestimate this threat.
We are on shutdown, let’s hope it is not too late.
But the worst is yet to come.


I’m social distancing right now! (school: closed. work: closed. internet: wide open road)


This video needs to be everywhere


Two if we’re incredibly lucky. One is still going to be close to a miracle. The people planning for it to be over in eight weeks (and we see that a lot) have no clue how bad eight weeks will be.


That video was… good, I guess is the word. Considering how bad the situation is.

And the difference in a day. Against all expectation, my employers had everyone take their computers home and start working from home as of yesterday.

Also yesterday, my brother-in-law lost his job; the entire company he worked for folded because they relied on bars and restaurants, and as of yesterday those places no longer allow in-building dining.

In our state it was announced that the shutdown would last through at least mid-May.

My wife who works for a large restaurant here in town is working her ass off today to figure out how they can provide curbside service so they can stay open, but all of the bus staff are now out of a job.

Shit is looking tenuous.


Here in the UK we are self-isolating. We can’t do it totally - the dogs need walked. We have drastically cut down on our interactions with other people. Instead of supermarket shopping, we got a delivery. The delivery driver told us that he had instructions to sanitise his hands and wash down his steering wheel after every delivery. He didn’t come into the house, or touch us. We didn’t even sign his touchpad to confirm delivery. We’re doing our best.


Thank you, Seamus. That was both sobering & inspirational. Tl;dr: Stay home. (If you are lucky enough to have a home.)

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