Video: Kevin McCarthy looks like a buffoon when comparing GOP and Democrat priorities

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I find it very interesting that the last two democratic administrations have had to start their terms in office with a “Recovery Plan” after taking over from republicans.


Until this year McCarthy was a non-entity to me, one standard GOP trash pile among many. More recently though, he’s catapulted himself into Gohmert territory.

That story goes back further, back to when FDR took over from Hoover. I wish that Biden was as bold in his ambitions and don’t think he has the same long-term vision, but his first 50 days have been pretty respectable by post-1980s standards.


“Comparing Democrat and GOP priorities makes Kevin McCarthy look like an idiot”

McCarthy needs no assistance in looking like an idiot.


It’s the republican MO.

  1. Claim the world is shit and the government can only make things worse
  2. Get into power
  3. Use the government to make things worse
  4. Point to your own sabotage and yell about how it’s proof that the government can only make things worse.
  5. When a democrat replaces you, kick and scream amd sob about how you were going to fix all the bad things, but now that there’s a democrat, things aren’t magically instantly better.

Rinse and repeat because your dumbass hayseed republican constituents are too stupid and politically illiterate to see this os what you’ve been doing as a party for the last 50 years in order to remain in power while having less than 50% approval.


Headline is 6 words too long.


The best part: Green Eggs and Ham isn’t even one of the books they’re taking off the market.


The odd part is, the actual message of Green Eggs and Ham (that you should be willing to examine and try new things to see if they are worthwhile, rather than stubbornly refuse to even consider checking them out) is something McCarthy is violently opposed to. It’s one of the most anti-conservative books out there.


I haven’t seen one of these fools actually read any of the books that the Dr. Seuss Foundation (a private entity unaffiliated with the Democrats) is pulling from publication, because then they’d have to defend the racist content.


Yeah, all you have to do is actually look at Kevin McCarthy, which means you can really shorten that to: “Kevin McCarthy looks like an idiot.”

Well, it’s not like he’s going to read one of the books they’re taking off the market - he doesn’t want to be associated with that shit!


This video compares footage of a politician reading a children’s book for a reading advocacy / PR opp against covid relief passing in congress. These are both fine activities and unrelated to the other.

Kevin McCarthy is a obstructionist weasel not interested in helping the American people but this video is in bad faith.

Yeah, that’s what gets me. A private corporation decides to stop manufacturing a rarely-purchased product? What… is the republican’s problem here? I thought that they were all about letting companies decide our fate.


Only as long as it’s regressive and harmful to poors and minorities.


Hi Carla.

Please note that the Republican use of the “Democrat Party” is intended as a pejorative, especially when given emphasis on the last syllable. Please don’t help them. The headline should read “…GOP and Democratic priorities.”

Thank you.


3.5. Put yr know-nothing buddies in charge of at least one necessary public function. Allow the buddies to run it/them into the ground, while looting it/them. e.g., trains in Great Britain.


He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot.

  • Groucho Marx

That’s not why he’s doing that. He’s doing it because the estate decided to not keep publishing 6 Seuss books because of outdated, racist content, and McCarthy is reading Green Eggs and Ham (a book that is not among the 6 being retired) as a protest. He doesn’t give two shits about literacy, because if he did, he’d be all in on a robust public education system that works for all children.


Comparing Democrat and GOP priorities makes Kevin McCarthy look like an idiot

Can we not be using the pejorative form? I already see it used enough by OANN/Newsmax/Fox News/GQP communiques and the defense counsel in Impeachments.

When it's an adjective it's "Democratic."