Video of a 10-day vacation in North Korea

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I have watched many videos made by visitors to North Korea. I don’t know if it was his grinning or how much he obviously enjoyed himself it but this one had me feeling disgusted. It had me wondering if he would grin his way through an interesting trip to Pol Pot’s Cambodia, to Stalin’s Soviet Union or to El Salvador in the days of the death squads.

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Seems like a solid way to get some foreign exchange to the leaders so they can get luxury goods from abroad to refresh themselves from the hard work of torture and oppression.

Best Korea always strikes me as if it’s a carnival - the fuzzy warbles are only put on for show when the viddy is on, when we’re not looking it’s horror show.

All the people are stick figures, yet their statues to their dear leaders show plums.

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For a less naïve view on the country :


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