Video of failed bank break-in in France


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There’s a scene just like this in Braquo, which, if you haven’t watched it, is excellent. Think the Shield, but French and better.


The first talent a rogue needs to master is stealth and subtlety.


Burning the truck was a smart move. Failed attempt but experienced crooks.


Why didn’t they call for a tow truck?


Were they trying to get the ATM? Because we already went over that on Breaking Bad.


Haven’t we all wanted to set a failed project on fire, at one time or another?


On a related note, I got on a kick watching ATM Heists on Youtube. There is a team in Canada that has gotten away with more than $700,000 in the last few years.

There are also these guys:




A big hammer? How crude and unsophisticated. Using gas to blow up the ATM (and sometimes the whole building) is currently en vogue in Europe esp. Germany and the Netherlands.


This group of idiots uses a similarly stupid method, complete with burning fuses and errrthang:


This is definitely improved with Yakety Sax.


Curious the guy taking the video doesn’t say anything about calling the police when the lorry’s trying to smash through the front of the bank, but the minute flames are lit in the cab, he tells whoever’s in the room with him to go and phone the fire brigade.


I’d assume they’d started filming after calling the police.

Another call to alert the fire department when the lorry got torched would make perfect sense in that case.


Maybe he banks there and they charge ridic overdraft fees


“It was probably Muslim immigrants,” said Trump.


I had almost exactly this idea back in 2001 when trying to work on a project for a screenwriting course, except I figured with all the rebar-reinforced concrete or steel-plate whatnot, you’d need something heftier, like a big-ass earth mover.

Alas, my professor felt heist scripts should remain off the table as they were done to death in his estimation.


It looks like the truck breached the wall enough for people to squeeze in, but no one was even trying to get in. Then they light the truck on fire for no apparent reason. Then after lighting the truck on fire, someone runs around it, looks through the breach, and appears to wave at someone on the inside(?).

This video raises more questions than it answers.


If anything he looked like he was waving towards the camera but it looked brightly colored so maybe it was a bit of gear like a torch which somebody dropped while they were taking a close look at their screw-up. Then when he runs back towards his car he raises it above his head to say he’s got it, lets GTFO.

If anything this highlights how poor a tactic ram raiding is. You have to make the loudest noise right at the start of your crime, not at the end. An alert resident could call the police as soon as they hear the crash, and the police could turn out to be a few blocks away.


Well, that’s a fair point.