Video of UK cops ramming suspect's scooter, then the suspect

Over the last couple of years I have discovered how little British people know about the English* legal system. It’s not helped by the right wing press screaming “Traitors” whenever a court correctly rules in a way they don’t like.

*Scotland has a different system.


Eh, they tried to block him and he rammed the moped into the car. They actually came to a stop and then moved to block the guy, but it was as lateral as it was forward.

I dunno, what would the arm chair cops do in this situation? Wave your arms and hope he stops?


That’s SOP here in the States, and you’re welcome Brits.

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However, the police cars are real.


‘why not argue for the death penalty’ ? Well that sort of answers itself unless your assertion is that I’m nuts. Either way, I think I’ll bow out of this conversation

The scooter purposefully fails to slow down in order to attempt getting by the police vehicle that is moving (much more slowly) to block it’s path. “In fact, at the moment of contact,” it’s completely obvious that the scooter is impacting on the front corner of the police vehicle; if the impact had been on the side of the scooter, the scooter would have been thrown completely sideways from the car, when simple billiard table physics show that the scooter bounced backwards, courtesty of it’s soft rubber tire absorbing most of the impact.

Furthermore, the fact that the police vehicle is completely stopped before the scooter has even finished bouncing, more than adequately proves that it was moving to block, not ram.

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  • Sorry, the cost of synthesizing a unique batch of DNA is cheap. Depends on the amount needed and length of the oligo but commercial pricing might be $10-$20. Or lower as they may have in house synthesizers or deal with a manufacture.
  • Modifying a spray can production plant to prevent cross contamination is the hardest part. But it is a one time cost along with some potential consumable running costs.
  • These days I would hope that “probably correct” for DNA evidence is not good enough.
  • I don’t think running a database of sequences/cans and their uses would be that expensive even one what meets government regulatory requirements and security standards.

I think SelectaDNA’s business model requires unique sequences in each individual item as they market it for far more than just spray cans.

The bigger issue as far as enforcement goes is how to prove that you have the right person some days/months later. If they go on public transit or to a crowded area many people could pick up markings. If they give their cloths away the wrong person could be charged.

For HK people returning from a demonstration would end up transferring the markers, be they UV or DNA, all over public space. In days the marker is as good as useless.

The other question is how would you remove this if you were sprayed? I don’t think a change of cloths and quick shower is going to be sufficient.

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Criminals engage in inappropriate behavior almost by definition.

Most societies try to hold their police to higher standards of conduct than they expect from their criminals.


He was charged with (amongst others) Possession of Class-A drug with intent to supply. - That’s Heroin, Crack, Coke etc. Maximum tariff for that is life.

He was no simple scooter thief.


Life in prison is a very different punishment than death by cop.


I guess it could have been a much worse outcome for the rider:

“These are dangerous days/ to say what you feel is to dig your own grave…”


True, but one wouldn’t synthesize one code at a time. Whip up a bunch of 20-base-pair sequences, and sorting the mix of sequences is now pretty easy and relatively inexpensive.

Do you think the HK police will bother with such niceties when they pick up several aged relatives of assorted demonstrators and charge them with ‘riot’ when they find the DNA traces on them? Me neither.

Or, they know it’s bullshit and are just using it as a psychological weapon/attendance deterrent.


Bleach would do the job. Hydrogen peroxide, deep UV (something in the 250-285 nm range). If you want to get fancy, DNase enzyme would chop the sequences to bits. $80 from Sigma:


kind of feel the same. I mean I am not for LEOs being more violent by any terms, but at some point they do need to “stop” people in some form or fashion and it will more likely than not be with the use of physical force.


Exactly. And in the UK, whilst physical force can sometimes result in injury or death, it is a lot less common than in the US where cops are armed and criminals often are too. I have no problem with what I saw in this video.


Well. I can’t say I am totally fine with it. I can honestly say I’d certainly prefer another method of stopping this guy…but from what we see, there didn’t seem to be another option there. If anyone else thinks there is a clear and obvious alternative means of imobilizing this dude…I’m all ears. But the “armchair policing” and 20/20 thing really makes it difficult.

There is no instant replay or anything right? In real time these officers made a decision and the suspect/criminal seems relatively fine.


I agree - a better way would have been preferable, but there was none, so in that context I am fine with what happened.


I wonder what’s more deadly - being shot by US police, or being hit by a car. It might very well be the car, depending on what the usual ramming speed is (over 30mph quickly gets deadlier than gunshots, and easily reached with a head-on collision), especially in cases where the person being hit isn’t wearing a helmet.

Well, in this kind of circumstance the police definitely aren’t supposed to use lethal force in the US. I recognize that “supposed” is doing some work there, but it’s definitely less restrained, given that this is part of official policy in the UK.


I’ve never been shot…but I was hit by an SUV moving about 60mph that lost control. I was sent flying 15ft in the air. I broke the base of my hand. Tore up my knee. Had multiple contusions and road burns and a pretty nasty gash in my head.

It took me 3 months to recover and get back to work. It happened on December 23, 2006…and I am still in pain daily because of it.