Video of UK cops ramming suspect's scooter, then the suspect

I’m so sorry you went through that. A car becomes more deadly than a gun at around 30-something mph; at 60 mph, being hit by a car is many times more deadly than being shot. (And thus does more damage to the body.) In fact, you’re lucky to be alive.


Probably both. Thinking about it a bit more the only advantage of using DNA would be to say the person was at a particular event rather than present a protest at some point. Difficult o know if the HK legal system would differentiate between being at the actual event or being contaminated by people from the event. The mainland Chinese authorities would not care.


Yep, that combination would do it. DNase first.

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Depends on whether the clothing involved is more or less expensive than the DNase. A jacket, shirt, slacks, and shoes quickly add up to more than $80. The concentration of bleach or H2O2 to be effective would likely destroy any clothing items.

The Met Police frequently knock moped riders off if they are riding recklessly and don’t stop, In this case that didn’t happen but let’s not pretend it doesn’t .

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Not pretending. I don’t live in the UK so I don’t know, all I’m going on is this video, which doesn’t bear out the headline’s claim.


Sorry, as motorcyclist I just don’t agree. The cop car closed off the escape path the scooter was aiming at. The car essentially created a terminating “V” shape and the scooter drove into the closed bottom of the “V.”

There is no doubt that the cop wanted to stop the scooter by eliminating the escape route, and I don’t doubt that the cop anticipated the scooter might impact the car. But again, the scooter could have avoided this accident by stopping.

The comparison with police coverups of civilian shooting is absurd. Just because the police might frequently lie to cover up unnecessary use of force doesn’t mean all force is unnecessary or all police are lying. Likewise, just because there is an uptick of police ramming scooters in the UK doesn’t mean this is an example of it.


When 4 kids on 2 scooters stole my bike from outside my house, barricading my front door while they did it and waving a knife about, then rode off (1 pushing another riding my bike), they managed to butcher the wiring loom and the front plastics, only just past the excess on my insurance (so not worth claiming). The police arrived as they were attempting to hotwire it, they scattered and I had to come out push it home. I would have been quite happy for them to be knocked off their stolen scooters.

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This is a fairly recent development, until the spate of acid attacks to steal scooters from fast food riders (and some of this was gang activity to “protect”, as in protection racket, a patch) and numerous atrocious muggings and armed robberies.
Before then they called off any chases as being too risky to the pursued. The policy changed in the last two years. MAG have been having debates about the legality and the validity (and the possibility of error).


I don’t have much of a problem with the tactic but it is fairly severe at times.

The bleach wouldn’t do much good to your skin and hair either . . .

My mom had her purse snatched by a motorized vehicle. She was wearing it over her shoulder (never again) and was dragged on the ground until the metal clasp broke. This was over 25 years ago, and she is still in constant pain. 2 shoulder reconstructions and back surgeries.

The pain meant she couldn’t do her physical hobbies or exercise any longer and she now suffers from obesity and diabetes. She also developed an acute fear of driving.

She had ~$40 cash and a bunch of cards/ids. They found the purse in a ditch not far away, sans cash but everything else there.

So my mom’s life was practically ruined for $40 by a snatch-and-grab.

I don’t give a single fuck if a purse snatcher got tapped by a squad car.

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H2O2 would probably be the way to go for skin. As for hair, well, I’ve never tried going blonde…

I spent an hour trying to decide if this statement was absolutely true or not, and failed.

I suspect it is completely unprovable either way.


How about “most societies profess to hold their police to higher standards of conduct than they expect from their criminals.”


It was a real brain-twister. Congratulations and honest respect…


If they had died would that change you opinion, because ramming a two wheeled vehicle carries a pretty high risk of death?

And if they “tapped” the wrong person sending that person into their own lifetime of suffering from traumatic injuries?

The purpose of criminal trials is to ensure that we apply an appropriate punishment and to ensure that punishment is applied to the right person. Letting street cops apply their own potentially lethal punishment undermines that process.


People tend to be OK with police brutality if they or someone they love is the victim of a crime.

But then they’re not so in favor of it when they or someone they love is on the receiving end of police brutality.


Having been hit by cars (accidentally) several times I think I am aware of the risks. These were not some innocent bunch having a bit of fun, they were an organised group who had gone out with the intention of stealing motorcycles (and not above threatening with a knife).

Only two months before in Battersea a scooter rider had come out to discover his bike was being stolen when he approached the thieves he was beaten up and killed, I have no idea if these were the same people but it is hard to have sympathy for them.


This is not police brutality, in order for them to legitimately stop a bike in this manner they have to be authorised by their control room and there has to be evidence that the rider has committed a crime. If the police were found to have acted without this authority they would be subject to the same degree of repercussion that any member of the public would. The problem with this is that the police do not have a spotless record in behaving legitimately and they also have banks of lawyers paid for.

If it was brutality you can be sure they would not be releasing the video on YouTube.