Video: Snake cannibalism A baby king cobra dines on a water snake. (via National Geographic) READ THE REST

Cool, but it’s not cannibalism. If the king cobra were eating another king cobra, yes… but it’s not eating its own species. It’s not cannibalism, it’s just dinner.


Also, Kingsnakes are immune to a lot of other snake’s venom, which is why they are able to eat other snakes, and presumably why they are even called ‘King’ snakes.

I wonder if you could trick him into nabbing his own tail and becoming an ouroboros.

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I know. I was using the word “cannibalism” loosely. I changed it so as not to confuse anyone else. Thank you.

Man, I’m glad for the little snake that he went in head first. It would suck being alive for the whole swallowing process.

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How am I supposed to not make a fellatio joke now?

That would be why the genus is Ophiophagus.

A baby king cobra eating another snake is not news. A baby king cobra being eaten by its intended prey is rather more unusual…

I would not want to try to break up that fight.

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