Video: Werner Herzog says 'Pokémon'

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Reminds me of Werner Herzog Reads ‘Curious George’ from a few years ago. Of course, that one’s not actually Herzog, just an impersonation, but it’s really entertaining.


I’m sure Herzog can understand Pokemon perfectly. In fact, he could make a movie about it, centered on people who use up their lives traveling to remote places seeking things that don’t really exist – not beautiful, transcendent things like the Holy Grail, either, but ugly, stupid virtual plastic toys. And fighting over them. And finally they could float down a river in the absolute jungle toward the Pacific, seeking the source of their addiction and fate.


See, I’m a newb and I don’t know any other pokemon trainers yet, so I’m still wondering:

  • If you and I are in the same place, will we both see the same pokemons, or is it random?
  • Can we both catch the same one?
  • Is there violence?
  • Is there murder?
  • Where can I get a good pair of fingerless gloves, cheap?
  • Both. It depends on how it spawns. There are lures, incense, and then just natural spawns. Critters spawned from a lure are able to be seen/caught by anyone in the area, but incense spawns critters for you alone.

  • No. If there is one of a type that can be caught by multiple players, then each player has a unique copy. I don’t know if the information (power, attacks, etc) are the same though. EDIT: I originally read your question as “Can we catch the EXACT SAME ONE?” and not “Can we catch the same species?”. Yes, you can catch the same species. No, it won’t be exactly the same.

  • Yes. Poke vs Poke, and including physical contacts, but no blood.

  • Nope. The critters “faint”, and can then be revived.

  • $3.13 a pair! And they look slick.


“-Is it like Grizzly Man?” “-Yes.”

  • Generally, the same pokemon spawn in the same area, and that's determined by GIS data collected from google maps and Niantic's previous game Ingress.
  • definitely. My coworkers and I see the same pidgey in the same place and we both catch a pidgey. This has been going on for weeks
  • If you fight at a gym, absolutely. If you don't fight at a gym, then your pokemon will never lose even a single Health Point.
  • No. Not murder. Pokemon "Faint" when they reach zero HP. If this were "real" pokemon, you could go to the nearest town and have all your pokemon healed up to 100% for zero money anytime anywhere no ID needed. Because pokemon is better than real life in the US.
  • Goodwill if you search them properly. Or just ask Ash where he got his.

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