Videos of Patrick Stewart being licked by his new rescue dog


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Our first Pittie was fostered. His foster mom was very sad to see him go.
I don’t think I could do it.
Ginger is good looking and well tempered it looks like and now famous as well, someone is likely to adopt her soon


just watched some TNG on Netflix - he is so, so good.


Who’s a good boy? Both of you are!


He still has both cheeks I take it? And his nose?


for additional cuteness:

followed by Patric Stewart’s reply:


i’ve been a bit obsessed with him and his dog this week, what with seeing Logan last week and all. i’ve followed him on twitter for ages, ever since he and ian mckellen had their summer bromance. the more you see of him, the more amazing and wonderful he is. what a treasure. his sense of humor is so fantastic.


He is seriously an all around wonderful human being.


Certainly. But you just know he has a magic portrait of himself somewhere.

It’s time to start thinking about the kind of planet we’re going to leave to Patrick Stewart and Keith Richards.


Watched the meet video he put up on Instagram. Instant love!


My friends and I (we all foster) are stating this now: this is going to be a foster fail. :slight_smile:

(Foster fail is when the foster family decides to keep the dog; ie: they’ve failed at fostering.)


Lest we forget…

1981, Excalibur

1976, I Claudius


Needs correct dating…


'ceptin one of them’s a girl. :wink:


Exactly our experience with our pittie. Would not even entertain the thought of going in, but LOVED licking the water off of us and drinking out of my in-law’s pool.


Sir Pat Stew as lenin:


But isn’t that also kind of a win? Assuming dogs and people are a happy family?


Its a failure only in that we usually lose the foster home when they adopt the dog. :slight_smile: its a mixed blessing for sure.


oh, oh no, he should be so careful around that violent bundle of destruction!

pit BULLS!! KILLING! Maiming!!! Vicious!!!

P Stewart had better be darned careful with that known violent breed of rescued bundle of joy…


Is it just me, or does he look like Timothy Dalton in that picture?