Vindictive WalMart erroneously accuses couple of shoplifting, has husband deported, wife fired, costs them house and car


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Another reason to take off and nuke Bentonville from orbit. Only way to be sure.


And this is the ‘America’ that wants to vote for tRump.
Also this sounds a lot more the security guards doing than the stores doing as the store manager was like hey you are cool you can go. But the guard was the one who doubled down and fucked the lives up of the couple.
I would say that WalMart would now lose my patronage but really the never had it to begin with.

ETA I hope that they end up living long and well off the lawsuit funds.


I’m wondering if her husband looked ‘foreign’ and that’s what did this. If so, civil rights lawsuit…



What is going on!!


What? Of course it’s 2011. What year did you think it was? Did you forget to roll your calendar over?



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Thank goodness. We can rest assured something like this wouldn’t happen today.

Seriously though in some ways five years ago does look like a happier time, although not for these people.


The incident happened in 2007, then eventually Mary Hill Bonin sued Wal-Mart (and several of its managers) in Jefferson County Court in 2011.

Anybody find an outcome? I assume Wal-Mart settled?