Vintage racist slurs and Republican pendejos at the Texas border

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They. Don’t. Care.


Czar Abbott’s security theater has been in operation for about three years now.

Seems to me that any ongoing ‘invasions’ are on him, and no one else; especially since he claims that Uncle Joe was doing nothing in the first place.
But the contractors supporting the operation are pretty happy:

Gothams has received tens of millions of taxpayer dollars via Operation Lone Star contracts. Gothams CEO Matthew Michelsen has also become a major donor to the Texas governor.
…the sprawling border operation has been funded with several billion dollars in state taxpayer funds—a large part of which have gone to private contractors hired to help run the immigration enforcement regime.

If it looks like a Boondoggle…

And the term ‘Republican pendejos’ is redundant.


Lol, love the humor break of “If I sold my soul to the devil to be successful in news media…I wouldn’t be sitting here in Eagle Pass Texas. You think I want to be staying at a Marriot Town Plaza with no body lotion?”


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More than that, they’ve been emboldened to spew bigotry on camera.


“Play to the base” is all they got, and outright racism is all the base cares about


A lot of it boils down to their fear of The Great Replacement conspiracy crap that gets amplified quite a bit in majority-Republican counties and towns.1, 2

Greg Abbott can be relied upon to pull stunt after stunt during one of his election years. He may as well be printing campaign stickers that say “Vote Fear 2024!” and hand them out at his pressers and photo ops.

Those of us in Texas whose voices are gerrymandered out of existence, or who are very busy keeping body and soul together working second and third jobs to make ends meet, have learned to route around the damage and stay human. You still can’t take that away from us, Gubner Abbott. But it sure is real work sometimes.


Xenophobia & fear of change walk hand-in-hand down the streets of small towns everywhere.

It’s now a full-time thing with him. Gotta out-asshole DeSantis, et. al, & keep that profile up, after all.
Dude wants to be POTUS so bad, he can’t stand it.

Well, that would be too obvious, but his media blitz for the primaries landed him some more allies to destroy public education in Texas… not that he would ever admit it.
It’s all about the border, dontcha know…

The [allegedly] Democratic DA in Houston tried to use fear-mongering ads in her failed attempt to survive being primaried. It was satisfying to see her lose by a nearly 3 to 1 margin.

The borders of my district changed, and now I have the likes of Dan Crenshaw as my rep in Congress with a +38 advantage up from a +9 before redisticting.
It doesn’t keep me from voting, but I know of others who have given up on it & see no point in voting at all. They see the game as being rigged, and rightfully so.

Voter supression takes many forms.

It’s a pretty weak god that needs an army, if you ask me.


esto es muy cierto, señor.

i see what you did there. :rofl:


This here is one fracked up timeline we’re in.
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When the opportunity presents itself, you just need to roll with it.


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