Viral Chinese video: "Who cares?"


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Somebody really seems to care.


Wow, that’s like really cray cray.


The beat has a real “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” vibe.


To be fair, the US has pretty much done a ‘Who Cares?’ to the ICC in The Hague.


Human rights violations! Who cares?!


the US cares a lot. or what else could be the meaning of The Hague Invasion Act?


Some of these voices are spectacularly annoying.


Let us turn back to the wisdom of Faith No More

It had broken open. Singed wasps wrenched and flipped on the asphalt.

He saw the thing the shell of gray paper had concealed.

Horror. The spiral birth factory, stepped terraces of the hatching cells, blind jaws of the unborn moving ceaselessly, the staged progress from egg to larva, near-wasp, wasp. In his mind’s eye, a kind of time-lapse photography took place, revealing the thing as a biological equivalent of a machine gun, hideous in its perfection.


45. The sooner western companies own up to copying WeChat, the sooner we can get on with acknowledging a significant shift in the global creative center of gravity.


This video is the future.


This One?





…to some listeners who don’t speak Chinese.


and plenty who do speak Chinese.

Repetition of “who cares” is a fast track to annoyance, as Maurice Sendak so artfully illustrated 50 years ago.


Citation please.


You started this with
"…to some listeners who don’t speak Chinese."

Citation Please.

and I did give a citation: Maurice Sendak.


Teenage girls baby-voicing “who cares” is annoying in any language.


Now you’re saying it’s repetition that annoys you, and not some of those people’s voices?


Citation please.


So…to which voters is this supposed to pander to, really?

I’m getting a real sense of reality-disconnect.


I do have to wonder how many good citizen points you got for appearing in that video. Because of course China has good citizen points.