Virginia teacher shot by 6-year-old sues for $40 million, accuses school of doing nothing to stop it

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I heard this on a morning news show. According to the teacher’s attorneys, the district legal beagles are pushing the legal theory that this is a Worker’s Comp issue and VA law forbids suing Worker’s Comp.

Also, I learned that shootings are considered a Worker’s Comp issue for convenience stores and that teachers of 6-year-olds should understand that with teaching comes with a risk of being shot by six-year-olds.

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That’s an interesting as hell theory, and it’s certainly going to make future meetings between administrators, legal, and school board members interesting. I assume legal has a carve-out in mind that means only teachers can get shot, not admin…


When the whole “See something, say something” system breaks down due to indifference.


It’s not like he had something dangerous like a rainbow sticker or a picture of Ru Paul! /s


2nd Amendment rights aren’t just for adults, you know. “The right of the people” doesn’t mention any age limits (now that fetuses are people too, they can presumably go armed any time after the 1st trimester, if not before). It would have been grossly unconstitutional to disarm this child.

“They can have my gun when they pry it from my tiny, chocolate-milk-stained fingers.”


I can only assume you are being sarcastic? Because it’s common courtesy around here to put an “/s” to indicate such.


More guns in schools is the only answer. :roll_eyes:


That school system is fscked. She warned the school earlier that the kid had been threatening to shoot her, and threatening to kill her, and the school did nothing. They were told her had a gun, and searched his backpack, but the gun was in his waistband. He’s six. If you didn’t see a gun in the kid’s waistband, it’s because you weren’t trying.


Can’t wait to see the dream team of NRA-funded lawyers defending the school.

Or wait - are they busy with Trump’s defense?


The parents claim to be responsible gun owners. They may not have been charged yet as Virginia politicians dont want to hurt the feelings of responsible gun owners, like them.

From the NBC article:

The family of the boy said in a statement in January that the weapon was “secured” in the home and that they have “always been committed to responsible gun ownership and keeping firearms out of the reach of children.”


Yeah, they were committed, just not very good at it.


I really hope the parents are charged. At the very least, have any guns taken away and be unable to get more. I know it is very unlikely.
Having a gun in a home with a child known for extreme violence is just so stupid. They hurt this teacher and they hurt the kid by giving him access to a deadly weapon. He already sounds like he is in major mental distress and now he’s shot someone.
Speaking of- why is a 6 year old so violent and why wasn’t he in intensive therapy all ready? Have the police looked at the parent’s actions towards the child? Wtf was done to that kid?! The parents say he has an acute disability but sure as fuck weren’t doing what they needed to do to meet his needs and keep the people around him safe.
And what about the safety of the other children? They didn’t deserve to be sexually assaulted and bullied at school. Or see their teacher shot
Failures on so very many levels


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