Virginia to Declare Racism as a Public Heath Crisis

“The resolution addresses five specific issues:

  • Expand VDH’s Office of Health Equity to be the primary watchdog for ensuring policies addressing racism are implemented;
  • Make the Commission to Examine Racial Ineuity in Virginia Law permanent;
  • Establish training for all state elected officials, their staff members and state employees on recognizing racism;
  • Create a list of definitions and terms on racism and health equity; and
  • Promote community engagement across the state on recognizing racism.

The vote is significant for happening in a state historically linked earlier to the Confederacy and Jim Crow laws, and later by the Massive Resistance against the desegregation of Virginia’s public schools.”

Signed by a guy who wore Blackface. Wow. Progress can happen kids.




Let’s hope other states follow in their footsteps. It’s a national emergency.


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