Visiting the "World's Largest Gift Shop"


S.O.T.B. is probably bigger, but it’s spread out in various buildings.

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Great photos, very well written. More from this author please.

Shame it isn’t the “World’s Largest Gift” shop.


I have a funny story about the South of the Border main gift shop. I have always wanted a dippy bird, ever since my childhood one broke.

So here’s my chance. I’m at the SOB main gift shop surrounded by a wall to wall sea of plastic back scratchers, shot glasses,and tiny spoons, and I just know they must have the dippy birrd.

I ask the sales lady, “Do you have any drinking birds?” and she says, “We used to have them but they were really poor quality so we stopped carrying them…”

So, SOB, has a lot of crap but it’s good quality crap.


I’m pretty sure I got my last drinking bird from Edmund’s Scientific. I’m guessing the real reason SOTB dropped them was that the birds are simply too fragile to be around kids that just came bouncing out of the car.

I definitely remember the SOTB Peter Meter, which would have come in handy in last week’s discussions

That Peter Meter is epic. I wonder if this is the actual tool they used in the study?

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