Vitaly Churkin, Russian ambassador to the United Nations, dies suddenly, age 64


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On the bright side he outlived the average Russian male life expectancy by a few months.


If you survive past infancy, you’re already doing well…


Which interestingly has only recently (2012/13) returned to the peak it reached in 1986, having fallen off a cliff in 1991.


Oh o, who’d he piss off?


In heart attack, Russia kills you.


So, maybe for once it was genuine natural causes? Because by this point, when the headline is “Russian… dies suddenly,” my first thought is, what did he do to get on Putin’s enemies list?


Almost TOO non-suspicious…


Wasn’t there just a death in the Russian consulate in NY in recent months under mysterious circumstances? (Like first they said he fell off a building, then said he had a heart attack?)
Edit: I’m missing some. Apparently three Russian diplomats have died since December. That’s perfectly normal and fine, I’m sure.


I’ve been reading a little bit about the assassinations, spy business, and terrorism that went on during the Cold War. It’s nuts. This sounds just like it.


SNL couldn’t find a female to play him


OTOH, infants are relatively safe from the idea that the most important food-group is vodka.


Wagers that Churkin figured Bigly in communications with Trump campaign - ?



Do we soon learn that FBI, NSA, or Press very close to revealing stream of communications during election between Trump Campaign and Churkin?


“What was the last thing he did?”
“He just tried out his new aftershave …”


Sarah K. is on the mark!


Nothing really suspicious there. Getting pushed off the 40th floor is probably more than enough of a shock to trigger a heart attack.


From what I was reading, he was initially diagnosed with head trauma, but I guess if you get hit about the head, causing a 40-floor drop, that could indeed trigger a heart attack.


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