Vladimir Putin's daughter executes sweet dance moves, runs part of new $1.6B sci-tech incubator


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Whereas Putin himself just executes critics.



I believe upon closer inspection that they actually do it and then give the touch down sign, am I just seeing things?

This seems to imply that she isn’t qualified. Is there any evidence that she isn’t qualified? It’s easy to smear her because of who her father is, but that and/or the dance performance doesn’t mean it’s nepotism. Pretty, athletic, well connected women can also be intelligent and capable.

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Her being qualified and it being nepotism are not mutually exclusive.


Well, when your father is a renowned oligarch, you live in a nation with an extraordinarily high corruption level, the lines between government and private sector are extraordinarily blurred, Putin’s friends seem to mysteriously all be billionars and those who opposed him are now in jail, and you just got a few billion dollars… yeah, going to go ahead and say that the burden of proof that this isn’t pure nepotism is on the Daddy’s kid. Hell, forget direct nepotism for a moment. I’m not sure about you, but if I was living in Russia and Putin’s daughter asked me to agree to something, I would probably just do it, regardless if she is brilliant and kind or ruthless and stupid.


it’s dancing Russians week on BB

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Pretty sweet moves, but . . . Putin’s daughter sidelines in a circus act??

Sick fucking KGB oligarch has talented daughter! Wowza!

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a Russian girl gymnast kicking on a human face, forever.


Frontline did an episode on Putin a few weeks back that I highly recommend. I think you need to add organized crime to government and private sector. Strikes me that Putin is, essentially, the most powerful and successful gangster on the planet – who happens to have many, many nukes.


The talented young woman in this eighties-fabulous partner dance competition video is said to be Vladimir Putin’s daughter.

I believe it.

She has his breasts.


I know of only one other gangster with a nuke:


Is that a Snow Crash reference? Not how I pictured him…

what the heck was that?

i wouldn’t call it dancing per se…some sort of weird rhythmic gymnastic acrobatics with a foot version of patty cake and some step aerobics thrown in for good measure.

It kinda freaked me out…I can picture this being a national sport in some sort of grace jones dystopian 1984 clockwork orange future.


I have the same last name as the elderly CEO of a company I do business with regularly. I feel like a king when I do business with them and they fall over themselves to make everything go smoothly for me.


It is. I think this is a very good likeness.

  1. I learned something today: in Russian, family names have feminine forms!

  2. That videographer needed to pull back so more, so we could have more of the ceiling in the frame.

In America, on the other hand, Bush’s idiot son would never have received such a nepotistic favored status…


Or the Clintons, the Cuomos, the Daleys…