Vloggers visit Disney's "Ooogie Boogie Bash"

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The slow, painful execution of that shoe was hands-down the most fucked up thing to ever happen in any Disney movie. In part because we know that somewhere out there the shoe’s sole-mate is experiencing a devastating loss.

One of the other new villains, Sid from Toy Story, isn’t really even a villain at all, IMHO. He didn’t know that the toys were actually alive, and just liked to get a little creative at playtime.



The makeup on Ernesto De La Cruz in that first video is stunning. Holy cow. Didn’t even crack when he talked…I rewatched that a few times.

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Sid isn’t new :slight_smile: He was there last year and maybe the year before!

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Would be pretty fun to attend this Oogie bash but i don’t think i could afford Disney park tickets :sweat_smile:

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It is pricey AF for about 6 hrs of park time unless you come early.


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