Vomit Minecraft block




The toilet paper in just-post-communist-era Hungary was made from recycled newsprint. You could even read some bits of it.

As far as actually using it? I wouldn’t wipe my ass with it.


I did the search for NVA on ebay.de, it’s all militaria. Which is also quite interesting, but I didn’t find many non-military East German goods…


That looks very much like carpet underlayment.


I do not think they included this block in the latest update.


Looks like some sort of savory Turkish Delight, if such a thing existed. If your vomit is coming up in cube form, see a doctor immediately.


It looks like a cube of spinach fritatta with diced red peppers to me.


I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one who keeps their viagra next to the turkish delight.


Ha, good eye! I hadn’t noticed that.


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