Vote on questions for upcoming presidential candidates' town hall

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Oh, for the love of…

#1 most-voted-for question (~40,000 votes):

Would you support requiring criminal background checks for all gun sales?

My son was murdered by someone who should have never had a gun. Gaps in our current system make it easy for felons & other dangerous people to buy guns online & at gun shows, no questions asked.

#3 most-voted-for question (~24,000 votes):

How will you ensure the 2nd amendment is protected?

Too much crime is blamed on the tool, not the person. How will you protect law abiding citizens to protect themselves.


“Mrs Clinton, Mr Trump, this question is for the both of you: ‘Boaty McBoatface?’”


I know this one! It was one of the ships boarded and looted during the Boston tea party!


Oh no, internet submissions.

I give it maybe two days before “Would you support a national holiday so we call all get our dicks out in remembrance of Harambe?” becomes one of the top 30.


There’s a “Report” button. I don’t think that particular one would survive very long.

If previous internet votes are any indication, it will be marijuana legalization.


Currently #18 (~14000 votes).


As of this moment, a question about the alarming death rate of pollinators has more votes than these two combined:


I’d love to see Hillary twist in the wind trying to answer either of these. Trump too, but we know he’s a lying shitbag. Too bad neither of these questions is as sexy as the bee question.


To be fair, total colony collapse would cause a much more massive destruction to our economy and way of life than the financial collapses we’ve been through.


“Boxers or briefs”

  • Generation “Y”, the first micro-generation, this project was abandoned after MTV hosted a presidential candidate to a bunch of people born between 1980 and 1985.
  1. Mr. Trump: Are you for real?
  2. No, seriously. Are you for real?
  1. If elected, would you ever give us up?
  2. Would you ever let us down?
  3. Would you run around and desert us?

Curses! I came here to make this exact joke! I am beaten!


climate change? wealth/income inequality? healthcare? no, the third most voted question:

:astonished:How will you ensure the 2nd amendment is protected?
what a country.

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Mr Trump: What are you going to blame for your performance tonight?


Really? I’d like to see some source on that. Also, are you taking into account the financial destruction that would continue to occur if the banksters ran roughshod over the economy with no checks and balances whatsoever? Also, if we* didn’t support terrorism and Islamic extremism in the Middle East, we never would have had 9/11, nor would we have had the endless wars that followed 9/11.

*yes, “we” we. Our tax dollars went to arming the Taliban against the Soviets in the 1980s, and our tax dollars continue to support the Saudi government, including money spent on arming them. Not only is Saudi Arabia a brutal and backwards theocracy, there’s evidence that they were directly responsible for 9/11.

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The usual: coke dick.


Well, here’s a dry, basic take on the subject: Global Research on Death and Extinction of the Bees. I don’t know anything about the site, but it seemed to be the least dramatic in telling essentially the same statistics, so I went with that one.

Here’s a section that gives a good sense of what the problem is:

Last month’s Newsweek reported that honeybees in trucks migrate to various regions of the country to pollinate an estimated $40 billion worth of the nation’s agricultural produce each year. This means that every third bite of food we eat comes as the result of bees and other pollinators. USDA Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack stated that more than 130 fruits and vegetables that make up a nutritious diet are cross pollinated by honeybees. Commercial bees raised on farms and then shipped to other farms in the country used for pollination purposes along with wild bees are responsible for pollination of an estimated 80% of all food crops in the United States.

In the last half decade alone 30% of the national bee population has disappeared and nearly a third of all bee colonies in the U.S. have perished. Though the rate of bee depopulation is growing each year, 42% more last year than the year before, even at the current annual rate the estimated monetary loss is a colossal 30 billion dollars a year. With such an enormous loss in revenue, last month’s USDA announcement of just a three million dollar investment in farmer aid in comparison to the formidable challenge seems like a paltry drop in the bucket to making any real dent in the epidemic.

Losing 80% of all food crops in the U.S. would have a significant impact on our economy.


“Organizations across the political spectrum are taking this seriously and engaging their supporters, from the NAACP to NARAL to the NRA.”

I want to know what questions NARWHAL will be asking.