Voting rights vs. voter suppression

A general thread for acts of voter suppression and the struggle for the expansion of the franchise…


Such as this…


Thank you for starting this topic, Mindy!

I’ll have a go: are there any reasonable objections to vote-by-mail? I’m curious, because it seems so successful in Oregon that even most right-wingers support it now. Only the most extreme of extremes want to repeal it.


I never lived there, but I have a friend who did, and from what I understand, it’s a much smoother process and you got a book of information in order to inform your vote… Here, I have to put that together myself, and in the more local races, that can be difficult. Some candidates might only have a facebook page, for example.

So, no… I don’t think that there are reasonable objections. Anyone making voting harder is seeking some level of voter suppression.


I don’t believe so. However, there are two GOP talking points that worry me. The first is the misinformation they spread about how long it takes to count the ballots and declare a winner. That time gets longer when more people vote by mail, partly because TFG screwed up the USPS in ways that still haven’t recovered. The second is their conspiracy videos and whisper campaign that drop boxes are used for fraudulent activity.

I hope all states have adequate security for drop boxes to prevent tampering and provide evidence to refute claims of cheating that GOP supporters started making months ago. I expect they will still scream when the outcome isn’t officially announced on election night. The media could help by making it clear how long it really takes to count votes, but that doesn’t fuel drama. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: GOP pols have also made it clear they intend to disrupt the process by taking charge of supervision, rejecting ballots, and delaying/denying certification. They’ve been projecting about the ways they intend to cheat, so we need to play serious defense.


And some states allow mail in votes to be counted before Election Day. Which I think helps the process.

Count - but not announce where the count is before the polls close.


This is one of the things that miffs me about just about every election. Don’t announce anything until ALL the polls for that race are closed. Different time zones? Still voting because of huge lines? Doesn’t matter, don’t announce.


“Older Americans and Black Americans, particularly in the South, are more likely to have been born outside of a hospital setting, meaning they didn’t receive a birth certificate automatically,” Kunis points out.

Working as intended, then. GAAAHHHH!!!


Better yet, don’t announce anything until the remaining uncounted votes are outnumbered by the difference between candidates.