Wake Up: a short film from The Lincoln Project

Yeah, i know who the Lincoln project is. But liberals are celebrating this and sharing it and tweeting about it and in the meantime I see a bunch of rich republicans possibly getting richer via liberal donations by riling up the tan baby.

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I’m certainly not going to give them any money, but I still see “Republicans turning on Trump” as an unqualified good.


yes, i’m fully aware of who is making the ads. But liberals are excitedly donating money to the group and celebrating the output.

yeah, that’s fair enough. I just see the discourse essentially disintegrating. Maybe things get better, maybe political ads will just become the equivalent of super bowl ads. Maybe that’s the discourse we deserve.

Not all “liberals”… if this helps wake some republicans up to how terrible and destructive he is, that’s not a terrible outcome.

It’s been fucked for a long time, thanks to the corporate media. We’ve not had great discourse in this country that’s based on reality for years, frankly.


I couldn’t disagree more re these characterizations of the Lincoln Project. I know one of the founders, while we have campaigned against ever others candidates, he is an honorable guy, Mod Rep.

Re the comment about getting rich off dem donors, this BS. Most of the consultants are working pro bono. Not only are they not personally making money, they are limiting their prospects of every working in GOP politics again.

Re the effectiveness, yes these ads work. Their focus good them amongst their target universe and the response has been very positive.

Of course the President’s hardcore base won’t be moved, but they are not the target. If the Never Trump Reps and the Reps and DTS that now regret voting for him, can stay motivated enough to turnout, Biden can win in a landslide and we may win back the Senate.

Finally, this movement is the start of an existential battle over the future of the Republican Party post Trump. Will it be the Party of Romney, Kasich and Hogan or will it remain this insane racist cult.

As a democratic political staffer, I can say we need some mod reps to actually work with to get stuff done. We can do DACA, comprehensive immigration reform, even climate legislation, we just need a handful of senate reps to join us and once we can wrangle 60 votes for cloture, we can actually pass bill and get stuff done.

The fact liberals are trying to stop a fascist party, after thinking that the fascist weren’t so bad, can I say that already happened in the 1920s?

We’ve all heard of the supervisor who creates chaos in the workplace, and then demands credit for managing the cleanup of that chaos.

That’s the Lincoln project: A bid to reap credit for mitigating their own havoc.


Now that the people who thought Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was a documentary are finally dying off, it must be time to get rid of the filibuster. It has been weaponized, and it’s not going back in Pandora’s box by itself. There were already “checks and balances” in the system, with two legislative houses and a presidential veto. An extra veto from the minority party in the Senate is not helpful.


In this historical re-enacrment, Porthos plays the role of the Democrat party, and Aramis plays the roll of the Republican party. Everyone not in on the gag, represents America.


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