Walgreens allows employees to pick and choose who gets birth control

In these dark times, we need all the levity we can get…


About time I opened that gun shop where I refuse to sell guns to anyone I think will use them in the wrong way, or who just looks at me the wrong way.


Or maybe clothing stores?

“You, and that shirt? Sorry, I have moral objections.”

Probably because they make it such a gauntlet of examination to buy them.


I wonder if this clerk would have sold her a pack of cigarettes? :unamused:


That’s fair. Employees should not be able to use this to discriminate against people, only to pass on selling certain products. Anyone who says they don’t want to serve (black, gay, trans, female, etc.) customers should find a new line of work post haste. They should also be expected to apply this objection consistently or lose the ability to exercise it. Having a religious objection to selling birth control products is one thing. Choosing to only sell condoms to men and not women is discriminatory and should not be allowed. If Walgreens tolerates that, they should stop immediately.

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I like that. People retain the right to own guns but none can be bought. A step in the right direction.


What if I’m a Marxist? Can I work the register and morally object to the sale of anything at all?

I would love an updated Bartleby, The Scrivener based on this premise.

“I’d prefer not to.”


As a guy, if I had been behind her in line I would have immediately grabbed a box of condoms to see whether this asshat would have rung me up.


That’s the thing; they clearly don’t care and don’t measure it. That’s why it’s a fig leaf for discrimination. If they don’t include how it’s monitored in the policy, then it’s not monitored. If it’s not monitored, it is being abused and Walgreens is at best ambivalent about it and at worst actively excusing employees discriminating against customers.


To be clear, if a store clerk treated me like this story described, I wouldn’t be at all polite about the matter. Which is why I said they should be fired.

However, if a clerk politely and without trying to shame me about my own choice that’s none of their business chose to get a different clerk to complete my transaction, I would not be offended.

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That’s not what the instructions said.

Hey, who am I to kink shame?


These days, for conservative Christians, “religious freedom” means they get to discriminate against others who don’t have the same beliefs as they do.

We got here thanks to the Religious Right (a political ideology disguised as religion) harnessing the unquestioning trust that believers have in their religious leaders, so they will vote for far-right laws and politicians.


They should teach this in “Supreme Court 101”


You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?



Yeah, communities like Hayward, which ain’t exactly a bustling metropolis.

I like the cut if your jib!

Which is why invalidating anything in the Civil Rights Act was going to be a not-hypothetical slippery slope. Fuck!

Which is in play here, because the clerk could hear her Minnesota accent, and may have discriminated on that, alone. If you didn’t grow up straddling these 2 states, this will make zero sense. A Minnesotan will be more polite than a Wisconsinite, and they both know it.


The parallel reality that Evangelicals have been existing in right next to everybody else is now starting to infect everyone else’s reality, b/c now they have legal privileges over everyone else.


In other news:

In the days following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a Louisiana doctor prescribed a medication called Cytotec to make the insertion of an IUD, the most effective form of birth control, less painful.

The medication has several uses and is often prescribed for stomach ulcers. It’s also the brand name for misoprostol, the second part of a two-drug cocktail used to terminate a pregnancy.

Walgreens called the physician, Dr. Alexandra Weiss Band, to ask if the prescription was for an abortion, according to an affidavit filed July 5 in a New Orleans Civil District Court case challenging Louisiana’s trigger law. When she told them it was for an IUD insertion, the pharmacist refused to give out the medication anyway.


They do (civil rights act, which covers public accomodations)! But who knows if they’ll gut that next…

See Jon Ossoff GIF by Election 2020


I definitely won’t be doing any business with Walgreens.