Walking Tables: a strandbeest for your dining room

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Well, when he meets Death, and plays chess with him, at least he’ll have a table to put the chess board on.


Scheublin made 8 of them, and, judging from their conspicuous absence from his store, it’s a good bet that they’ve sold out in the intervening decade. they work.

I was so hoping for this.


Crazy. In a good way.

Reminds me if the walking chair from Bewitched.

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This video was 4:45 to long.

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I started to think that, but suppressed the urge to skip and watched it all. At the beginning of the video, I thought the table was one of the most terrifying things imaginable, but as I watched more I came to see it more as an endearing stubborn donkey. I’m glad I stayed for the full show and got to know the table better. I found the video to be exactly the right length.


I watched the whole thing as well. I can see the donkey idea. And I think
it could have been much much shorter and been more impactful (and shareable
with friends). The cinematography/editing was amazing at points, overall
quite boring though, it did not build suspense or story arch. It had about
15 good seconds of cinematography/editing, hence my post. Comparing it to
say the wind walking animals on the beach videos, it doesn’t hold a candle.

Don’t build a car this way.

Making only 40,000 and selling them from the Belgian shore? Like an introspective baskfiet which would like to periodically wobble in place a bit before resuming at 70km/h? {Yes, I put off watching the video. Sorry.}


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