War criminal and snowflake Erik Prince cancels Beloit College talk after student protests, threatens lawsuit

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So, as it is a private college, it has no obligation to provide a forum for this asshat to speak, correct? I am actually more concerned that a student was suspended for expressing anger about a mass shooting and the hosting of an asshat. Did he make threats? Or was he suspended for being impolite?


The weather in Beloit is a cool but tolerable 11C right now, I’m sure last night it was brisk “jacket weather” where you hardly needed gloves.

Prince could have gone out in the quad, got on a soapbox, and given his talk. Ooo! But that would have meant that people without tickets could have heard it and harmed his business model!

Now who cares little for free speech? A multi-millionaire refused to speak unless paid a few thousand dollars to do so.


Snowflake? I would think it’s perfectly normal to cancel a speaking gig if the rabble shows up with torches. The real story is why.


‘Uppity’[quote=“docosc, post:2, topic:141728, full:true”]

So, as it is a private college, it has no obligation to provide a forum for this asshat to speak, correct? I am actually more concerned that a student was suspended for expressing anger about a mass shooting and the hosting of an asshat. Did he make threats? Or was he suspended for being impolite?

‘Uppity’ is the term of art perferred by asshats like Prince.


There’s an article linked from the original article detailing the suspension (http://beloitcollegeroundtable.com/2019/03/25/student-returns-to-campus-after-suspension-for-controversial-social-media-posts/). He didn’t threaten anyone, but did say some questionable things and posted a tweet containing an AK next to an ISIS flag which he (rather weakly IMO) denounced.

Acharya made two more posts over the next day. One was a Facebook post in which he shared a screenshot of a Twitter user’s tweet. The tweet, posted by user “Sofian AL-Muslim,” read “Don’t worry Revenge is coming” with a photo of what appears to be an assault rifle next to an ISIS flag. Acharya denounced the tweet: “All Christian and Jewish and Zoroastrian and Communist and secular cousins: keep yourself safe. The actions of this man, and who he chooses to fight will decide where his soul goes. Should he spray his bullets at the fascists, then perhaps he will rest among the green birds, but should he be one of those poor brothers that is only [influenced by] anger and no rationality, his will not be the resting place of the righteous. Stay safe my friends. Please.”


Separately, three student protestors arrived carrying drums, a cymbal, and a cowbell. Security spoke to them briefly but did not escort them out initially.

Due to disruptive protests and safety concerns, the event hosted by the Young Americans for Freedom featuring speaker Erik Prince had to be cancelled [sic] to ensure the safety of all participants.

Former CEO of Blackwater and you were scared off by three students with some percussion instruments? If Erik Prince ever visits Vancouver, he should avoid the park across the street from my house on weekends. He would be fucking terrified.


Any group whose name starts “young Americans” is invariably run by a bunch of old rich Republican-Libertarians. Note that they reach down to the high school level. " YAF’s official publication is The New Guard ." Says it all, really.

A wing of this group:


Curse those meddling kids! Critical thinking and moral stances have no place in education. Fortunately his sister is doing everything she can to change that.


Drum circles are awesome… especially when you don’t live within earshot.


Good on those kids for protesting.


The Snowflake Prince & his sister, the Ice Queen, are trying to inject their ice shards into the hearts of children. Happy to see the kids are not having it.


As an alumni of Beloit College, I can’t tell you how proud this makes me. I have worried that in Trump’s America, the reich wingers might be gaining in power at that once liberal institution. It’s good to see the student body stand up against this representative of the Kleptocracy. I can’t imagine a better example of “Anything for a Buck” capitalism than Prince, who runs an army of mercenaries who regularly get away with literal murder. I’m not against conservatives speaking there, but he’s beyond the pale, he’s a warlord and war criminal. I’m only surprised that Trump hasn’t been convinced to turn over our entire military to Prince’s company, whatever it’s called today, Blackwater or Xe or Acedemi.


I wonder how Devos is going to lash out.


Probably not, Trump’s passing off HIS removal of funds from the Special Olympics on HER right now, so she’s not on the nice list anymore.


It’ weird that the term “mercenary” never appears in any of the stories about Prince. It’s the same goddamn reason we’re still discussing “enhanced interrogation,” and the reason why you don’t concede fights about terminology and euphemism,


That’s good context. I don’t know if the student deserves to have been suspended, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable. It’s certainly the kind of thing that deserves to be looked into in the same way as if the targets were socialists or antifa.


Such emotional fragility isn’t a very convincing sales pitch for a mercenary.

The investors may spank him. Though that could have been his plan all along.


It’s interesting to me how these college speaker “controversies” are the result of conservative student groups inviting people like Prince and Yiannopoulos to speak. Those invitations are just pure trolling. This is where the modern young “conservative” movement is - it’s indistinguishable from 4chan. (And we’re seeing how 4chan and its ilk are spawning people like the Christchurch killer.) It doesn’t stand for anything. It’s just a kind of nihilist neo-fascism that exists only to attack “outside” groups (non- straight white conservative males), both emotionally and - occasionally - physically.



well he wasn’t allowed to shoot them this time