Warning - Category 5 Global Warming Denial to Make Landfall


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH a Global Warming Denial warning is issued.


The warning is too late. This storm has already caused irrevocable damage.


And wait folks! There’s more to come, Winters’ just around the corner.


The hurricanes are totally due to God smiting the US for allowing gay marriage.


Dear Reuben and Boingboing staff,

Comedy labeling is now a requirement on all future Boingboing posts since Poe’s Law has now taken to drinking heavily and sobbing uncontrollably in the corner.

Love you all. Please don’t stop otherwise.


Finally! An end to global warming!


Only in this half of the globe.


Encounters with any of those categories always leaves me in a tropical depression


Australasia is Fake News!


The night shift knows that Australia is our friends from the future.


33° C (91° F) in Sydney today. Summer is months away.

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