Warren County, N.Y., loses nepotism policy, Sheriff's son gets job

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I couldn’t figure the details from this … but it is only nepotism if his Dad appoints him directly when he is not qualified or better than any other candidate.

If he applies for the job and others appoint him in good faith, it ain’t nepotism just 'cos his Dad works there too (unless his Dad exerted undue influence).

But I’m gonna go out on a limb and suspect that the fact they had to ditch a nepotism policy suggests there may have been some shenanigans in the son’s appointment and he may not have been appointed if his Dad was not working there and others had considered his application.

What a surprise!


I was talking to a [public defender] friend recently about what cops are like, when I was struck by the realisation that every cop is someone who, as an adult, thought “I wanna be a policeman!”


I’m going to remember this the next time there’s some whining about “it’s unfair that a minority was hired over me—they should be hiring the best candidates!”


Lake George Village has a year-round population of 909 people as opposed to about 50,000 during the tourism season. In a town/county where literally everyone knows everyone, all he has to do to exert undue influence is say what he wants.

And if there is truly nothing nefarious at play, why change the policy at all? The language they specifically adopted:

“A department head may undertake to appoint, hire, promote, discipline or discharge a relative if no other county officer or employee can undertake the action…”

Could just as easily had a carve-out for alternate subordinate reporting structures that eliminated any taint of nepotism (for instance, hiring and firing of family members could be undertaken by the Board or independent counsel with full review power of all employee actions).


Ugh, I mean the thin blue line is so fucking thick at this point, does a little nepotism really make things any more corrupt? I mean, yeah, if this kid murders someone (or 3-5 someones in a 16 month period) there’s 100% chance that they won’t be prosecuted instead of a 99% chance. On the other hand if there is any hope of “change the system from the inside” (again, ugh tho) the organization shouldn’t be literally structured like a crime family.


That may be part of the problem they’re having in recruitment. I’m sure becoming an off-season speed trap artist and on-season thug on a village budget isn’t as appealing as it once was.

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In business, nepotism generally involves involvement in the hiring, evaluation, or compensation of a relative or close friend. It seems this checks off at least two of those three boxes.

The sad thing is, this kid is such a sad sack loser, the only way he can get a job is by being hired by his dad in a tiny, Podunk town. We should remind them both of this fact every day for the rest of their lives.


Ah, the simple joys of small-town America. Conservatives remain puzzled about why anyone with half an ounce of talent or competence leaves as soon as they graduate high school.


Possibly also true for many.


" LaFarr later backed off the resignation threat, saying it was made in the heat of the moment."

Not acceptable behavior for someone given a gun and authority over citizens. Tells me he is inpulsive, overly emotional and will get upset if he does not get his way. Thus a large, heavily armed child.

I used to be a conservative, I still back the good police and the need for police, but people like this piss in the swimming pool of society and real justice far too regularly.


I’ve had to work with various family members before, and I definitely don’t want to have to work in the same place as my dad ever again. He drove me up the bloody wall.

Still, at least these two are keeping up the stereotype of an incompetent small town sheriff and his idiot son:


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