Warren's Daughter Has Undisclosed Connection to WFP, Evidence of Influence on Endorsement

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Fuck Warren. Fuck the capitalists.

NEXT: the one weird trick Elizabeth Warren used to win the Scientology endorsement



Here’s a document called " Dēmos Inclusive Democracy Project 1st Year Analysis". It was prepared in August 2016. The downloaded file claims it was created and modified on 01 September 2016.

Dēmos has already identified opportunities to work with an expanded universe of allies to align racial justice with affirmative democracy reform strategies including:

  • drafting the Voting Rights and Campaign Finance Reform Sections of the #Vision4BlackLives national policy platform,
  • working with staff to present workshops to all of the affiliates of the newly formed People’s Action on these issues
  • expanding work within PICO beyond the three existing organizations who were part of the first cohort
  • on-going and support to the people-of-color caucus within the Working Families Party.
  • accepting invitations to expand this work to a deep dive with organizations in California and New Mexico, and running a racial equity learning program for a state donor’s table.

Man - I’m so disappointed. I can’t believe that Bernie both sought and then accepted the endorsement of such a corrupt organization.


I gather this guy is a Sanders supporter?

If Warren and Sanders supporters spend the next few months jockeying for pole position by tearing the other candidate down, the race will be between Biden and Steyer.


I’m not sure that I’m worried about politicians and organizations that share similar values supporting each other.


There’s a guy I used to be friends with who became obsessed with Hillary bashing in the last election cycle. I unfriended him on Facebook because it became unbearable. I checked in on his Twitter out of curiosity and of course it’s full of Warren conspiracy talk. To hear him talk she’s a corrupt war mongering capitalist. You have to admit the Bernie or bust thing is real from some people. I love Bernie. I’d love it if he were the front runner. But he and Warren have a huge overlap in policy And if Warren has a better chance of winning vs Biden I’m right there for her. Let’s chill everyone. Please. Let’s not do Trump any favors here.


Given the amount of (not wholly unjustified) complaints about Clinton’s apparent sense of entitlement to the Presidency back in the lead-up to the 2016 campaign, the tone of this, that suggests that anyone favouring someone over Sanders can only be the result of corruption feels a little ironic to me.

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What I’m curious about is whether @jproffitt71 would vote for Warren if (and quite possibly when) it comes to choosing between her and Trump.


Cool so we’re going to have this conversation, again. Yes, I will vote for Warren over Trump. I am tired, so have this:

Short of it being that defection happens in the general, and is at least as likely to happen among other candidates as Bernie.

Also, whereas switching from Bernie to Trump requires a real reactionary galaxy brain, switching from Hillary/Warren/Biden/Harris to Trump requires only a common class interest.


It’s the switching from Bernie and Biden to Warren that matters most - they’ll only be one Dem candidate. And - fighting last years battle is a good way to lose an election.


Sure, in the real world.

But some people are working on their fantasy league statistics for at least the next decade…

“I wonder if Dukakis would be able to knock out a William Henry Harrison on a rainy day in 1992?”


Tough call - they’re both the same height - I’d give it to Harrison based upon his military career. But - if it was after the election - Mike would have mopped the floors with his sickly ass.


“But his e-mails!”


The real tussle would be Washington vs. Lincoln in their primes. Washington was a fearless warrior who held world record for the long jump. Lincoln was a wrestler who only lost 1 out of 300 matches, was inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame & was quite the trash talker.


Fair fight, I’d give it to Lincoln on reach.

Otherwise Washington.

To anyone thinking this is a digression, tell it to anyone trying to re-litigate Clinton vs. Sanders, in a Warren thread…please.


I mean, I wasn’t the one that brought this back to Clinton v Sanders. I was responding to someone who was trying to smear me as a Bernie-or-buster caricature. So, kinda annoyed here for that digression and then the digression being justified by that digression.

You weren’t asked about Clinton, at all.

You were responding to someone curious if you’d vote for Warren in the primary.


Rhetoric that came directly from the 2016 election and gets its power by alluding to an apparent consensus that that is what happened in 2016, and which has literally not changed at all.

But sure we live in a vacuum and critical analysis or even any grasp of recent history is for fucking nerds.

Oh wow. I thought this was joking, but looking it up…

McWhirter, in 1957, found a reference in one of William Makepeace Thackeray’s works to a Col. George Washington who could jump 22 feet 3 inches. The earliest recognized 22-foot broad jump didn’t occur until 1869.

Abraham Lincoln was a skilled wrestler and was honored with an award from the National Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1992.

The internet says so. It must be true.
No wonder Abe handled those vampires so easily.