Was Melania's WH tennis pavilion based on the one from The Beverly Hillbillies?

Wouldn’t his absconding to a non-extradition country be the greatest blessing?

All we’d have to do then is revoke that country’s top-level domain, and we’d never have to hear from him again.

His wife thought it pretentious. (Let that be a lesson to you-- before investing in a years long commission or major purchase, discuss it with your spouse,).


I HATE the Trumps and hope they’re gone sooner than later.

But this is not too bad – it’s far more tasteful than the gold plated Trump penthouse monstrosity in NYC.

Maybe I’m alone here, but I don’t care for all these “doesn’t this dumb thing that the Trumps did look like this other dumb thing?” items. I haven’t seen a convincing one yet. Other than being roughly symmetrical and having square openings in the middle, these buildings look very little alike. Same for the “OMG Trump dressed as Mussolini” or whatever that went around.

We have plenty of real and critical grievances to talk about. Why spend time on this silly game of meaningless pattern matching? I get that we want to find ways to make them look stupid, but we needn’t look any further than what they are actually doing and saying every day.

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