Washington D.C. renamed the street in front of the Saudi embassy to "Jamal Khashoggi Way"

Originally published at: Washington D.C. renamed the street in front of the Saudi embassy to "Jamal Khashoggi Way" | Boing Boing


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Now how about the US government stop funding their military and put some real pressure on the Saudis for their ongoing human rights abuses… :woman_shrugging:


Note it is the DC local government who does the street renaming, not the Federal government. There has been in a history of doing this in the past, I believe with South Africa, and most recently, renaming 17th Street as BLM Plaza.


Looking forward to a bunch of countries changing the names of the streets of US embassies as well.
“Arbentz road”
“Pinochet street”
and so on.


Yes, I know. I’m saying the Federal government should take note and follow the city’s example.


Apologies, misunderstood! Thanks for the correction! :slight_smile:


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This almost makes me look forward to Prince Bonesaw’s next state visit to DC.

ETA: related article. Perhaps it’s time to re-name the street in front of the Chinese embassy too.


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Whatever you do, don’t call the Saudi embassy and ask what street they are on. I’m telling you don’t do that!



What’s your main problem with that statement? Yes, this is quite clearly just a gesture and won’t directly affect MBS and his thugs, but as far as gestures from local municipal governments go, it’s a reasonably strong one. Every time someone visits that embassy and travels on that street they will be reminded of the murder, and keeping people (especially Washington insiders and diplomats) from conveniently forgetting about it as the years pass so that they can get back to business as usual with Saudi Arabia is actually a helpful thing.


I don’t see why you think this is so funny. Renaming city streets after Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t end racism in America but it was still a meaningful gesture. Who we choose to honor and remember matters.


I’m tired of gestures. They murdered a man, we rename a street and continue to sell them weapons. Nothing will stop diplomats from “conveniently forgetting” something they don’t want to deal with.

Not really “ha ha” funny, more like “better than crying” funny. I absolutely agree that we should honor people like Khashoggi and King, but the idea that this will make an substantive difference in our relations with Saudi Arabia is laughable. Maybe I’m a jaded cynic at this point (who am I kidding with that “maybe”), but I’ve given up thinking that anything besides money talks in DC.

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I’m pretty sure it’s not the municipal government of DC that’s selling the weapons.


Not the point. If it’s supposed to be a gesture, it’ll be read as from the US, not the DC local government.

I don’t get that at all. The US Federal Government may be the most significant entity when it comes to international relations but is definitely not the only entity with any meaningful influence. Various state, business, academic and celebrity boycotts of apartheid South Africa did help deny their government respect and legitimacy, helping to hasten the end of the regime. (Plus it was just the right thing to do.) This is no different.


I don’t know the details, but I can totally believe this. The issue here is that Saudi Arabia is a major oil producer and weapons purchaser, and renaming a street is not going to make a substantive difference in that math. I’m all for renaming the street in Khashoggi’s honor, but the idea that it’s going to make any sort of political dent is ridiculous.

If I had to be optimistic, maybe this will start a similar round of boycotts, which could conceivably have some actual impact, but I’m not that optimistic.

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Sure its purely symbolic, but yeah. Good.
Lets rename the street with the chinese embassy “Dalai Lama Street” or “Uygur Street”. Just to see the chinese gouverment loose their shit.


This ought to stick in their craw.
The Feds can’t do a thing about it, & the Sauds can’t gripe about it without Making Publicity…