Washington Post analysis of post-Jan. 6 Trump shows that he's become even more radical

How is Trump “charismatic”? He’s pretty clearly ignorant and nearly illiterate. I guess he’s “charismatic” to a subset of racist Americans who are as ignorant and functionally illiterate as he is. It’s well past time for regular folks to start attending his rallies and shaming the attendees and featured speaker(s). We must overwhelm the stupid.

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That does not mean uncharismatic.


charisma (usually uncountable, plural charismas or charismata)

  1. Personal charm or magnetism.
  2. (Christianity) An extraordinary power granted by the Holy Spirit.
  3. The ability to influence without the use of logic.

Definitions one and three are true of Trump’s influence over his followers, and they will claim two as well.


One concept that’s sometimes difficult to grasp is that some people like and admire arseholes and bullies. This is especially true of self-identfied conservatives, often a result of being brought up under the strict father model of parenting and never rejecting it.


To anyone with sense and decency, yes, that word-salad spewing tangerine greaseball is about as charismatic as an overflowing toilet. But to his followers he’s absolutely the sort of guy they’d love to be shot by in the middle of Fifth Avenue. Trump is a larger-than-life loud boorish incompetent jackass in a way that Republican voters dream of being, while quieter monsters like Pence and DeSantis are boring because they’re actual career politicians and not oafs who decided to try it on a whim. Republicans might vote for them, but they’re not going to produce the same cult of personality as the guy who was on TV and had a cameo in Home Alone 2.


His primary means of ingratiating himself to people is to figure out who and what they hate and loudly hate it even more. This seems to work surprisingly well.


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