Washington Post tricked defeated transphobe into respectfully gendering Danica Roem

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Focussing on the unimportant is what these people do.

I was in the last year at my Cambridge college before it went co-ed. Our representative on college council reported that in the debate on the admission of women, the reactionaries spent 40 minutes arguing about whether in future bathrooms should have distinguishing colours of tile.
(This being when it was, we knew that some of the opposition was from gay men who were very wedded to the idea of all male colleges because they saw it as facilitating their advances on male students. We knew this was bad then, abusers have no business claiming standards of behaviour have changed.)


Some people just can’t get their heads out of other people crotches.


Another TGOP crybaby, nothing new about that.


I don’t know about you but I hope her agenda includes introducing legislation barring all failed candidates named Robert Gerald Marshall from using public restrooms due to the risk they represent to children.


That isn’t really even a trick. He just wasn’t paying attention or reading what he approved. Yet another good reason why he should stay out of politics.


Is it normal for a letter to the editor to pass through an approval stage? (Most papers have a disclaimer that submissions can be edited for length and such-like.)


Well, it was god’s will that he lost.

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My guess is they edited it for length then granted a courtesy approval of the edit because he’s a public official.


Bob Marshall, the anti-trans bigot

You are hugely underestimating Bob Marshall; he is a bigot in a myriad of ways, not just anti-trans. And bigotry isn’t even his defining characteristic, idiocy is.


I was wondering about this, because he really didn’t strike me as the type to use “Ms.” for anything, especially in regards to the woman who just handed him a very public humiliation.


A friend was part of the team responsible for changing London Gay and Lesbian Pride to London LGBT Pride, and the arguments for excluding trans people were almost exactly the same as the ones used for excluding bisexual people. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were also the same arguments used to try to exclude lesbians years earlier.


And to comply with the paper’s style book.


Most letters to the editor sections reserve the right to make grammatical corrections without consulting the writer.

It does seem to be a very particular, toilet-based obsession here. The Pentagon was built with twice as many toilets as necessary, to keep blacks from whites. Most buildings are inefficient because they attempt to separate male from female. The same arguments are used against gay people, and then against transgender people. And yet, we don’t have male and female toilets at home.

The solution is to have a large number of cubicles for general use, and a smaller urinal section. This is the most efficient use of resources, as they that can use a urinal (men, or ladies with a sheewee) are done faster. And all these arguments should disappear.

Of course, there will still be those who believe you can catch being Gay, or Black, or Transgender from a toilet seat. Those idiots we will have with us always. But maybe some of the more hard-liners will burst because they can’t bear to use the new facilities.

Until then, there ought to be Someone’s Law that the moment you bring up toilets in an argument about gender, then it is a sign that you have lost.


Now, let’s contrast once again with Ms. Roem’s attitude as victor, in refusing to say anything bad about her opponent because he is now one of her constituents. Honestly one of the few things preserving my remaining faith in humanity these days.


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