Washington State county commissioner likens mask wearing to sexual assault, flips off constituent

i humbly believe (but likely should “just shut up”) that if you fully consider the central comic character his political ‘alignment’ is in the correct (progressive) direction; but his terminology, or as the comic is titled “semantics”, are perpetually about six months into the past. He can’t state correctly enough, currently enough, latest politically trending enough, (progressive enough?). So he concludes that it would be safest to “just shut up”. Such are the accelerating efforts at inclusiveness - which is good! But there’s no hope to keep entirely up with it. …having foolishly typed all that, i suspect (but don’t know) that the subject of the original posting, “the washington state county commissioner”, is making no such efforts at all, and should find himself another occupation.

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i get that’s the point of the comic, and on a deeper level, beyond the “shut up” vs “listen” idea, it still puts the spotlight on the white dude’s concerns.

if anything, i think the sheriff would sympathize with the comic. and i could see it being put on his fridge as example of cancel culture and all the troubles that white dudes have these days.

the point is not to get things semantically correct. the point is to value the lives of people who have different backgrounds, skin color, gender, or sexuality.

if white dudes aren’t willing to listen or learn, then they aren’t ready to be authorities or leaders - let alone sheriff. they simply haven’t done the work. they think they are because that’s what they’ve been told all their life, but they’re wrong

anyway, the comic artist is still putting his concerns first. having the right words isn’t really the problem


Sounds like a puzzle from GOPardy:

A: “look, listen, learn, feel, or empathize”
Q: “What are five things a Republican is incapable of?”


The reason why time travel is typically banned in science fiction.

Just in case you were wondering.


There are actually only 4; haven’t you heard of the true blue Republican Stand Your Ground® catch phrase, “I feel threatened!” ?


44% isn’t as low as i would have thought. and only 1278 votes different. that seems like a persuadable sized group.

true that. i also think american men in general – this one included – aren’t as good at it all as we should be. :frowning:


We’ve got people likening vaccine requirements to the Holocaust while we’ve got actual US Representatives pushing the Great Replacement theory and calling the Anti-Defamation League a bunch of racists.



“Mansplaining is man-explaining.”

To people who don’t need explaining to… :woman_shrugging: If I don’t know how to do something… and I ask a man that I know to explain it to me, that’s explaining… if someone tries to tell me something about my own field of study THAT I ALREADY KNOW under the assumption that I can’t possibly know what it means because I’M A GIRL that’s fucking mansplaining… It’s not a difficult concept to grok and it often happens to many women and even some dudes.


But is actually the name of the local indigenous tribe, so not really something to lump in with these chucklehead white people while rightly making fun of their anti-mask BS.



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