Washingtonian engages refrigerator in a one-sided gun battle

Sounds like someone needs to… chill :slight_smile:

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Look, don’t discount the dangers of the secret-basement monsters out of hand…


Clearly this gentleman fell through a rift in the multiverse, where his house absolutely does have a basement.

His Earth is filled with sovereign citizen underground dwelling monsters who claim any and all basements as their own by divine squaters rights.

Say no more.


Dr Evil__'Responsible gun owners'


Was about to say the same thing.

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Investigators also say there is no one that lives in the basement below the man, and that, in fact, there is no basement at all.

I suspect marmots, armed marmots.

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The fact that there was no basement is a sure sign that there are pedophiles in the basement.

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I’m glad that he shot his fridge instead of someone else. And that the authorities are aware of this event and can safeguard other people.

If he needs any help, I hope he gets it; and I hope that someone else can look after his weapons until he is capable of safely owning them again, if ever…

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