Wasp crackers




Lutefisk isn’t food. It’s fish stink wrapped in horrid and glazed with a big spoonful of no.


On the bright side, I now know what a Nope cookie looks like. :confused:


“Wasp?” “Cracker?” Racist.


Do I eat the fruit bat? Or is it a garnish…


The wasp cracker looks like it’s just whole larvae baked into a cracker, which, to me, is cheating. It’s like a chocolate-covered ant. It’s something somebody conceived of as a novelty, something to be eaten on a dare. Hey, I was eating worms when I was three. There’s nothing spectacular about it.

At least bush meat, kangaroo, and “Eskimo” ice cream make cultural sense.


…I distinctly remember biting onto a wasp that had drowned in my juice as a kid. It did not taste good. At all.



Curiously appetizing? I disagree!


Jeepers, I’ve already had about 25% of those.

/Whoever writes a list of ‘strangest foods’ that has escargot listed, definitely needs to get out more often.
//The monkey brains, however…nope, never.


Tell me that’s not wing-blur in that image.


Yum, xenophobia.


Those aren’t ant eggs. Eggs are super tiny. More like pupae, larvae, etc.


I was hoping that they were crackers that wasps were encouraged to colonize and brood their young in… Wait too long to eat and you have a box full of anger.


101 Foods that seem strange to me because I never leave the computer or try anything from outside my culture. I also like making things up!

Ah, no. That’s sashimi… as the linked-to page says. They are actually talking about basashi which is available any damn time you want it.

fish eye - any place with a long fishing history.

Still trying to figure out how kangaroo made the list. Is it because people imagine them to be too cute to eat?


Less the cuteness factor, and more the “they’ll cut a bitch” factor…


Should be a reason for eating 'em! :wink:


Yeah, but you got to keep them from kicking your ass first! :wink:


and that’s only if the drop bears didn’t get you first!