Watch 2017’s Wonder Woman get a 1970s TV makeover

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This could have been much better.

Furthermore, the 70s TV series has lately been remastered (I assume rescanning the original films?) and it looks sharp and colorful. It’s not muddy and blurry like whatever they’ve done here.

Go make a better one!


Here is another from a few months ago that I thought was superior.

That was all kinds of awesome.

They definitely went with one of the weaker versions of the theme song. Version 2 would have been a vastly better choice. Probably thought they just had to use a verse-less version due to some dumb nit-picky thing like Gal Gadot’s costume not actually featuring satin tights or something.

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They should have used the other theme song and did a better job of having jumping footage with the jumping sound effect. I expect when the movie comes out on blu ray and they have more footage to work with this edit could work better.

I’m just way too familiar with the sound effects and beats of the original show opening to really feel this worked.

At least they get points for getting the aspect ratio correct.

Just an old pedant that grew up on the original show.

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