Watch: 400 years of hats


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Mostly black background with mostly black hats. Two thumbs down.


Yeah, seriously - a white background would have killed them?


This is a bit like watching Kermit against a green-screen.


Watching Kermit against a green-screen would be much more interesting!


Black on black= BAD.

Also… 400 years of hats? Seriously? There are barely a dozen hats in that video!


I’m just waiting for the reaction of the MRA Dudebro Corps to the revelation that their favorite piece of headgear was originally gasp women’s fashion! :smiley:


[tips fedora]


What, no fez?


Man, don’t blame Von Dutch for foam-front trucker hats! Or any of the other crap the jerks his daughters sold the rights to slapped his name on.


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