Watch: 61-year-old takes magic mushrooms for the first time

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Compare this video to the one from the 60’s where a housewife takes LSD on camera. Both very interesting videos but I noticed they both reach a point where being observed by someone not sharing the experience begins to bother them.

I’ve never spent much time around straight people when I’ve been tripping and I’ve never, to the best of my knowledge, been filmed while tripping so I wonder if I would also be bothered.

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Having an experienced straight babysitter is one thing, being recorded is a whole ’nother thing.


It worked out for her in the end, but he didn’t seem to a good job of setting up an environment for her. It’s like he never tripped himself.


Worse yet, being interviewed while tripping.

People who want you describe what tripping is like WHILE YOU’RE TRIPPING .are entirely missing the point.

.“You want me to verbally articulate the details of my trip? Dude, I’M TRIPPING. Shut up and leave me alone.”


Mm, it could be more like a conversation about what’s going on. That can be interesting. I’ve done that, but only with other trippers, not to a camera.

Seems like it would have been better for her, and had roughly the same effect, if he had just recorded audio and taken a couple photos at each time interval. The camera can feel like it’s judging you, which is the last thing you’d ever want on a first trip. Maybe it wasn’t so bad for her because she’s with her son, so there’s a lot of comfort there between them. She handled it incredibly well in any case.

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If they’re dried that’s about 1/6th of guaranteed astral travel. Non dried, well, better than nothing.

A real strong dose should be quickly researched for it’s properties in alleviating fear of death.


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