Watch a bus do a u-turn on a busy highway

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Nice. In Baku cars, buses and what ever will just back up at stop lights and try to do the same. It’s crazy!


Finally, someone making good on ‘if you kids don’t knock it off, I’m turning this thing around!’


what is this guy¨s social credit score?



My ex-MIL is like this. She thinks no matter what else is going on around her or what anyone else thinks, her course of action is the only correct one.


What’s with the car drivers who, already past the bus, also decide to turn around?


Yes, I’m more confused about this than the bus.

An important Party functionary was on the bus, and the driver missed his stop. The “suit” made him turn around and go back.


Lateral thinking puzzle!


I lived in Mainland China for ten years. This kind of stuff was not unusual. Still remember the time I was walking on a sidewalk, heard a horn behind me, and turned to discover a full-sized bus driving down the sidewalk at full speed. Only just jumped out of the way. The most self-centered drivers on the planet.


Hey, he blew his horn to warn you! What more do you want!?


Yes. I always thought that the pedestrian crossings there were only put there as convenient places to pick up the bodies.


This guy has nothing on the bus we saw in Bihar, who decided to take a U turn right over a median wall in heavy traffic!

It was late at night and we weren’t quick with the camera… it was all done in seconds!

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The little white car that also turns around is a 2018 Remora. He’s just following the big red Shark Bus, his main source of food.


speed free movie
or back stop versus push back

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I have an aunt who drives like this, she almost permanently lost her license (rightfully) after causing several accidents… all sober, just a truly awful driver with no ability to understand the situation. I remember two relatively recent times, one where she was turning around under a highway with the designated u-turn lane. As you merge back into the frontage road on the other side you have a yield sign facing you as a warning. She accelerated and almost hit some one driving on the frontage road while she was turning around. She began cussing that person out saying “Don’t you know I have the right of way, it says YIELD!”

Another time we were downtown and she slammed her foot to speed up because some one was trying to turn left at a cross street two blocks in front of her. She almost hit him too because she accelerated so much and her only comment was “Ugh sorry but I just hate it when people turn in front of me.” These are just two times I was in the car with her, and I avoided letting her drive as much as possible. Her worst accidents happened when I wasn’t around. I think at one point she caused an accident by backing up after missing her turn. She didn’t even bother to check if there were cars behind her, just didn’t want to miss that turn. She literally drives like she’s playing GTA.

She sincerely thinks all of the other drivers on a road at any given time:
a) know who she is and that she specifically is there
b) know what she feels like doing telepathically
c) act accordingly either to comply or to maliciously spite her.


Looked like a bacterium in a blood vessel

Or a fatberg.

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Oh wow… I was speaking from an “attitude in life” sort of thing - not a literal driving one. Though I haven’t ever seen her drive, her husband does all the driving.

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